SpiceJet Launches 16 new flights on domestic, international and UDAN routes

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GURUGRAM, June 3, 2019: SpiceJet, the country’s favourite carrier, today announced the launch of Guwahati-Dhaka-Guwahati flight under the International Air Connectivity Scheme (IACS). The IACS flight marks a new milestone in the airline’s growth journey. In addition, the airline has launched 14 direct flights connecting metros and non-metros on its domestic network. All flights on the domestic network will commence operations from 20th June, 2019 while the international flight is effective 1st July, 2019.

SpiceJet also announced the launch of new UDAN flights on Bengaluru-Gwalior-Bengaluru and Kolkata-Gwalior-Kolkata sectors. The airline will also introduce new daily flights on the Bengaluru-Belagavi-Bengaluru route.

The airline will add additional frequencies on the Kolkata-Dibrugarh-Kolkata (2nd frequency), Guwahati-Dibrugarh-Guwahati (2nd frequency) and two additional frequencies on Bengaluru-Mangaluru-Bengaluru sector (total five flights now).

All the new flights will be operational daily, except the flights on the Bengaluru-Mangalore-Bengaluru sector which will be operational on all days of the week except Monday and Wednesday. The flight on the Bengaluru-Gwalior-Bengaluru sector will be operational on all days of the week except Tuesday whereas the flight on the Bengaluru-Belagavi-Bengaluru sector will be operational on all days of the week except Wednesday.

Deploying its Bombardier Q400 aircraft on these routes, SpiceJet aims to further strengthen its network between metros and non-metros.

Shilpa Bhatia, Chief Sales and Revenue Officer, SpiceJet said: “SpiceJet, India’s largest regional operator is delighted to launch its first flight under the International Air Connectivity Scheme, which will make international air travel much more affordable and convenient for more and more Indians.”

SpiceJet currently operates 43 daily flights connecting 22 cities under UDAN on the Hyderabad –Kishangarh – Hyderabad, Belgavi – Hyderabad- Belgavi, Gwalior- Jammu- Gwalior, Hyderabad- Gwalior – Hyderabad, Ahmedabad-Udaipur-Ahmedabad, Kishangarh-Ahmedabad-Kishangarh, Lakhimpur-Guwahati-Lakhimpur, Jaipur-Amritsar-Jaipur, Delhi-Jharsuguda-Delhi, Hyderabad-Jharsuguda-Hyderabad, Kolkata-Jharsuguda-Kolkata, Bhopal-Udaipur-Bhopal, Delhi-Kishangarh-Delhi, Kolkata-Pakyong-Kolkata, Mumbai-Porbandar, Mumbai-Kandla-Mumbai, Hyderabad-Puducherry-Hyderabad, Jaipur-Jaisalmer-Jaipur, Delhi-Adampur-Delhi, Ahmedabad-Jaisalmer-Ahmedabad, Surat-Jaisalmer-Surat and Delhi-Kanpur-Delhi. This is the highest number of flights being operated by any Indian airline under the regional connectivity scheme.

Passengers travelling from non-metros like Mangaluru, Gwalior, Dibrugarh, Guwahati among others will be able to easily travel to a host of other cities both on SpiceJet’s domestic as well as international network via multiple onward connections from key metros.

Flight Schedule

Flight No. Origin Destination Departure Arrival Frequency Effective From
SG 3791 Bengaluru Mangaluru 5:40 7:05 EX D1 20th June
SG 3792 Mangaluru Bengaluru 7:30 8:25 EX D1 20th June
SG 3743 Bengaluru Mangaluru 20:15 21:15 EX D3 20th June
SG 3744 Mangaluru Bengaluru 21:35 22:40 EX D3 20th June
SG 3737 Bengaluru Gwalior 8:45 12:00 EX D2 20th June
SG 3738 Gwalior Bengaluru 12:20 15:35 EX D2 20th June
SG 3741 Bengaluru Belagavi 16:45 18:05 EX D3 20th June
SG 3742 Belagavi Bengaluru 18:25 19:25 EX D3 20th June
SG 3745 Kolkata Dibrugarh 4:50 7:20 DAILY 20th June
SG 3746 Dibrugarh Kolkata 11:00 12:40 DAILY 20th June
SG 3747 Guwahati Dibrugarh 9:00 10:40 DAILY 20th June
SG 3748 Dibrugarh Guwahati 7:40 8:35 DAILY 20th June
SG 3564 Kolkata Gwalior 13:10 15:40 DAILY 20th June
SG 3565 Gwalior Kolkata 16:00 18:20 DAILY 20th June
SG 78 Guwahati Dhaka 11:55 13:20 DAILY 01st July onwards
SG 79 Dhaka Guwahati 14:10 14:35 DAILY 01st July onwards

*Flight timings are subject to Government approvals

(*1- Monday, 2- Tuesday, 3- Wednesday, 4- Thursday, 5- Friday, 6- Saturday, 7- Sunday)