Spreading Awareness Against ELDERS’ ABUSE at Punyadham Ashram

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Our elders deserve love, respect and compassion and must be allowed to live their lives with happiness & dignity! Sadly this is so often not true. And that is precisely the reason that the world has designated a ‘World Elders’ Abuse Awareness Day’ & started organising programs and seminars to create an awareness amongst not only the elders to understand their rights but also amongst the younger generations so that the future generations learn to respect and cherish the seniors of the family and the society.

Punyadham Ashram, Janaseva Foundation in assocation with all the Senior Citizens’ Organisations of Pune organised a program on Sunday 17th June 2018. It was a huge gathering of over 2200 senior citizens from all over Pune and its adjoining areas. The presence of extremely prominent personalities made the program even more significant. Maharashtra Bhushan Shiv Shahir Babasaheb Purandare, Padma Bhushan Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, Dr. Neelam Gorhe amongst others graced the occasion. Dr. Vinod Shah, Chairman Janaseva Foundation and Chairperson Maa Krishna Kashyap chaired the forum. After a melodious ‘Ganesh Vandana’ by the students of Netaji Subhashchandra Military School, Phulgaon all the dignitaries were felicitated by Maa & Dr Shah.

Dr. Vinod Shah explained the significance of organising this program and shared his experience of over 30 years where he is observing the decline of respect given to our elders and how they face hardships because of lack of support in their lives. He also described how Janaseva Foundation has been involved in rescuing destitute senior citizens and rehabilitating them.

Ramesh Grover very eloquently briefed the gathering about Punyadham Ashram and the role it has played in bringing happiness & solace to innumerable lives- young and old for almost 2 decades. He shared with the audience how Maa Krishna Kashyap has been spreading love & hope and Punyadham Ashram continues to work towards fulfilling her dream & mission in life- ‘Service to God Through Service To Humanity’!

Dr Neelam Gorhe shared her views on work that is ongoing to provide the elders with their rights and how more awareness needs to be spread in order to benefit all elders.

Shri Babasaheb Purandare chanted a shloka which very aptly described the respect & love deserved by all the seniors irrespective of any barriers and discrimination.

Dr Vijay Bhatkar’s address was well-appreciated because he brought out the facts which touched the hearts of every person present and which are of relevance in the societal scenario, universally.

Maa Krishna Kashyap in her warm gentle voice expressed how it saddens her heart to see the plight of our seniors today. She said that if the children care and love their parents, there is no need for so many Old Age Homes. She shared her experiences where families have become so busy and self-involved that they do not have some time to spend with their sick and dying parents. She reiterated that we must sensitise the young generation especially school & college children so that they remain attached to their parents and there won’t be any need for old age homes. The aged love to live with their children & wish to enjoy the company of their growing grandchildren. They deserve the happiness & dignity of living with their families in their twilight years. This can be achieved if institutions like Punyadham & Janaseva work with schools and colleges to instill good values.

After a ‘Vote of Thanks’ by Amita Baindur everyone proceeded for ‘Prasadam’.