SRJNA Group Announces Rebrand to Tinkerly

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21 AUG 2019, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
SRJNA (now introduced its new name, new faces, and a new address. The company recently underwent a significant rebranding exercise. Now operational as Tinkerly; the revamp consisted of a brand new name, logo, brand colors, and a refreshingly new website.

SRJNA (now introduced its new name, new faces, and a new address. The company recently underwent a significant rebranding exercise. Now operational as Tinkerly; the revamp consisted of a brand new name, logo, brand colors, and a refreshingly new website.

“You know Lego for toys, Khan Academy for online content and many others in IT or robotics lab verticals in schools, but globally there is no single learning solution specialized in solving all STEM related needs of K-12 sector. We want to fill that void,” said Sharad Bansal, Co-founder & CEO of Tinkerly.

This rebranding reflects both the augmentation of the company and its vision and mission for the future. The Tinkerly team is looking forward to become the Google of STEM in the near future.

“Over these years, SRJNA became a well-known brand among schools in India for setting up Innovation Labs and Atal Tinkering Labs in over 180+ schools indirectly benefiting 80,000+ students across India. Along with the announcement of new brand Tinkerly, company will venture into STEM B2C offerings via Educational Kits, digital content etc. with a vision to impact 5 million students in the next 3 years,” Sharad added.

With this rebranding, the company will see a very fruitful transition in its vision from creation of something really big to impart quality education to improvisation of STEM learning by enabling and inspiring innovators of tomorrow.

“Tinkerly is laser focused on enabling and inspiring students to be innovators of tomorrow with its offerings around “learning by doing”. Leveraging its innovative learning pedagogy with innovation labs and DIY Kits, Tinkerly have perfected a scalable model that will empower teachers and students and create a seamless education system for the country’s future where students will have the freedom to explore their inner creativity.” – Sharat Bansal, Investor at Tinkerly (retired as partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers India (PwC)).

“We took this opportunity to rethink not just our name but our entire brand focus into connecting various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) dots via different offerings like STEM Labs in schools, digital content in mobile apps, electronics and science DIY kits under a common brand umbrella called “Tinkerly”,” said Vivek Pathak, Managing Director of Tinkerly.

“The move forward from Srjna to Tinkerly as a refreshing new look was not just a step but a leap from being the most innovative team providing exceptionally good learning products to now saying we are on the top of it,” says Naveen Siromoni, Art Director, India Today Group.

Despite the fact that SRJNA became a name to reckon with in the Advanced Learning Solution industry, however the name, ‘SRJNA’ was considered a misfit and somewhat irrelevant to the education ecosystem. Often, the name has created misconceptions in the mind of the students and other scholars. Few considered it to be an acronym, few others misspelled the name as ‘SRIJNA’ and there are others, especially users in non-Hindi speaking states and western countries, had difficulty in correctly pronouncing the term ‘SRJNA’. Also, not to mention the challenges promoters face in their attempt to positioning it and getting the leverage of SRJNA’s existing brand. So, we realized the imperativeness of changing the brand name to something that is to pronounce, recall, and type, especially for the global consumers.

We felt it is time to rethink our strategy to properly connect the company’s brand to its values and processes. Since we have elaborate plans to expand our business Pan India and in global markets, promote different products under the same brand, and obvious legal reasons, a brand of that stature will be helpful. We deal with Tinkering Kits and the name ‘’ will aptly justify that in the world market and speak the work we do.

The word Tinker is being used in Tinkering Labs so has become a synonym of STEM. (Tinker+ly) together represents the habit of improvisation by continuous attempts.

The same goes for our new logo.

The Revamped Logo of
The brand logo has acquired a complete revamped look to help viewers easily relate to our core business. We scanned different designs, brainstormed multiple ideas and finally narrowed down to the one which closely represent the tools and equipments used in the innovative and Tinkering labs.

The logo has a chime tong going inside the pen drive. The image symbolises the amalgamation of physical tinkering tools with Edtech companies. Also, the pen drive is shaped in the form of a hexagonal wrench tool which brings in another relevant tool. These tools and equipment are common in the labs which are designed specifically to help students get a strong hand on the STEM subjects.

Our brand enhancement strategy goes way beyond a simple brand name and logo makeover. It reflects our company’s commitment to “Nurture Innovative Brains, Not Learned Machines”. We believe will successfully reach every nook and corner of India’s education sector.

Point to be noted that there is no change in the legal entity, promoters or any other stakeholders of the organization. Company is registered with the name ‘Elation Edtech Pvt Ltd’ and will continue to own all brand and business rights of SRJNA or Tinkerly.