SRK Fc Pune Unleashes Spectacular ‘Dunki’ FDFS Bash at Victory Theatre

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Pune, 23rd December 2023: Pune witnessed an electrifying spectacle as fervent admirers of Bollywood’s iconic figure, Shah Rukh Khan, united to exuberantly celebrate the release of his latest cinematic venture, ‘Dunki.’ The 22nd of December marked a momentous occasion as the ‘SRK Fc Pune,’ a dedicated fan club, orchestrated an enthralling ‘Dunki First Day First Show’ gala at the esteemed Victory Theatre.

Under the banner of SRK Fc Pune, the event encapsulated the immense love and admiration for Shah Rukh Khan, as enthusiasts congregated for a jubilant affair. The vibrant celebration at the iconic Victory theatre reverberated with excitement, featuring a myriad of activities tailored to honor the much-anticipated film.

The X handle of SRK Fc Pune revealed, “SRKFc Pune has curated an unforgettable ‘Dunki FDFS’ experience at Pune’s iconic Victory Theatre. Our festivities included specially crafted movie-themed t-shirts, delectable food hampers, breathtaking fireworks, a ceremonial cake cutting, and spirited performances to the beats of Punjabi Dhol Tasha.”

A captivating video shared by the group showcased the overwhelming participation of thousands of Shah Rukh Khan aficionados, painting Victory Theatre with exuberance. The lively scenes captured fans rejoicing through dance, reveling in the resonating beats of Punjabi Dhol Tasha, setting the sky ablaze with vibrant firecrackers, and indulging in various celebratory activities. The event also showcased a bespoke cake crafted in honor of the blockbuster ‘Dunki,’ complemented by personalized t-shirts adding a touch of exclusivity to the jubilant affair.

The euphoric ambiance and ardent displays of admiration resonated deeply with the fervent followers of Shah Rukh Khan, echoing their unwavering devotion to the superstar and his cinematic endeavors. The ‘Dunki FDFS’ at Victory Theatre stands as a testament to the enduring bond between Shah Rukh Khan and his adoring fanbase, encapsulating the essence of celebration and collective adulation for the revered actor’s latest cinematic masterpiece.