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New Delhi, 13 June 2019: Nature should be conserved for us and the next generation. SRL Diagnostics strongly believes that each one of us is responsible for conservation of nature and can make a difference by doing our bit towards it. Leading by example, last year, SRL Diagnostics had launched the one-of-its-kind initiative to combat air pollution called ‘Plant for Transplant’. Ensuring effective implementation, SRL Diagnostics collaborated with SankalpTaru Foundation, which is an IT enabled NGO that helped in planting the saplings to execute the plan on ground.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Reetesh Sharma, Director and Head Nephrology and Kidney Transplant Department, Asian Institute of Medical Science Faridabad, said, “Earth is the support system of humanity and life as a whole. Fighting for the conservation of environment shouldn’t be just a one-day affair. As a moral responsibility, we all should work together with love and diligence to safeguard our planet every day for the future generation.”

Under this initiative, SRL diagnostics is planting a tree for each life saved after a successful organ transplant. SRL Diagnostics donates a “Fruit Bearing Tree” to a poor farmer in the name of prescribing doctor. As the tree grows, the household enjoys all the benefits of the tree such as fruits, fodder for animals and is motivated to take care of the tree because of the shared benefits. The NGO geo-tags all trees by creating a unique QR code to track the growth and health of the trees. This ambitious initiative is an effort to improve the quality of air and to uplift and assist the rural communities.

Since its launch, the company has already planted more than 2000 trees, which benefited thousands of farmers and became popular among the nephrologist fraternity.

The organization is not just planting trees, but is also changing lives through regenerative agriculture. This way is awakening a passion among people to work towards sustainable agricultural practices, restoration and conservation of areas with fewer plantations.

Speaking about the initiative, Vikram Ahluwalia, Director – Marketing, SRL Diagnostics said, “SRL Diagnostics firmly believes that maintaining the environmental integrity is the duty of every individual within the society. Treading on this line of thought, SRL Diagnostics embarked on a journey of social initiative “Plant for Transplant” to support the social cause of Go Green and to combat air pollution and uplift rural communities. As a part of this initiative, we plant one fruit-bearing tree for each life saved after successful organ transplant in the name of the doctor who prescribed tests at SRL Diagnostics. The same tree is then donated to the underprivileged farmer, which can be tracked on google map, along with the periodic updates on its growth and benefits. So far, more than 2000 trees have been planted under this initiative.”