Start-up CEO Arrested for Son’s Murder: Taxi Driver Reveals Disturbing Calmness During Journey

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Goa, 12th January 2024: Following the shocking arrest of Suchana Seth, the CEO of an AI start-up, for allegedly murdering her four-year-old son, disturbing details have emerged about her demeanour during a taxi journey from Goa to Karnataka. Taxi driver Ray John, who interacted with Seth during the more than 10-hour-long trip, disclosed that she remained remarkably calm and did not utter a single word.

Suchana Seth (39) was apprehended in Chitradurga (approx. 350 km from Goa), Karnataka, on Monday night while travelling in a taxi with her son’s body in a bag. The incident unfolded after Seth was accused of murdering her child in a service apartment in Candolim, Goa. The taxi driver, Ray John, shared insights into the journey and Seth’s behaviour during a media briefing in Candolim on Thursday.

According to Ray John, despite the heinous nature of the crime, Seth displayed an unusual level of calmness throughout the journey. She remained silent and composed during the more than 10-hour drive, leaving the taxi driver perplexed by her demeanour.

John recounted that when he reached the service apartment where Seth was staying, she asked him to carry a heavy bag from the reception to the taxi. The driver expressed concern about the weight, suggesting they could lighten the load, but Seth insisted against it. The suspiciously heavy bag raised alarms for John.

As the journey continued, Seth’s composure was further highlighted when they encountered a significant traffic jam at the Chorla Ghat stretch on the Karnataka-Goa border. John suggested an alternate route, but Seth insisted on continuing the journey by road. Sensing something amiss, John became increasingly uneasy.

Goa Police contacted John during the trip, informing him of suspicions surrounding Seth. The police urged him to find the nearest police station and take her there. However, locating a nearby station proved challenging, leading to anxiety and further delays in the journey.

Eventually, a call from Goa Police prompted John to make a stop at a roadside restaurant. There, he learned about the proximity of a Police Station. The police searched Seth’s bag and discovered the lifeless body of her son. Shockingly, when questioned by the police, Seth calmly confessed to the crime, acknowledging the deceased child as her son.

Seth, originally from West Bengal, reportedly informed the police that she and her husband were separated, and divorce proceedings were underway. She had checked into a service apartment in North Goa on January 6 with her son. After a two-day stay, she expressed a desire to travel to Bengaluru for work, leading to the tragic events that unfolded during the taxi journey.