Startup Batooni pays to watch ads

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The platform has acquired over half a million users since its inception 60 days ago

Mumbai, 7th May 2019 – Batooni, the first-of-its-kind hyper-local mobile advertising startup in India, today crossed an important milestone by acquiring over half a million users in a span of just 60 days. Batooni is a video advertising platform that was founded early this year. The platform is in the form of a dialer app which plays an 8 to 10 second video ad when users dial a number through it. Once the user dials in, the app effectively transfers money to them as compensation for watching the advertisement.

Batooni is carving out a niche space for itself in India’s mobile advertising industry. The platform offers benefits to both the user and the advertiser. Advertisers save money as they pay only for the ads that are completely seen by their consumers. Batooni’s sophisticated campaign dashboard provides advertisers complete control over their mobile ad campaigns. A sophisticated campaign design and management system ensures the ad campaigns are targeted to specific audiences, delivering unprecedented ROI to advertisers.

On crossing this important milestone, Mr. Jitendra Chaturvedi, Director and Co-Founder, Batooni said, “We are happy to have crossed this significant milestone which only reinforces the uniqueness of our offering both for advertisers and consumers. Today, we are scaling up our offerings and the company is expected to see further growth in the coming months. Ours is a unique platform that is specially designed for smartphones unlike the traditional approach where ads meant for desktop properties were then adapted to smartphones.”

Batooni runs on a state-of-the-art analytics system that lets advertisers configure their campaigns based on parameters such as demographic distribution, frequency of impressions, and even days of the week when the ads are displayed. The company has developed a path breaking hyperlocal video advertising platform for smartphones that compensate users for their time and attention with real monetary benefits, while offering advertisers targeted, tactically efficient video advertising on mobile phones. Batooni plans to expand to various geographies across the country and is exploring partnerships with big ticket advertisers such as HUL and Mahindra & Mahindra.

About Batooni

Batooni Mobile Advertising Pvt. Ltd. is built on an obvious idea that the market chose to overlook. The idea that consumers should be compensated for their time, attention, and importance to advertisers forms the basis of the company. The company has developed a path breaking Hyperlocal Video Advertising Eco-system for Mobile Phones, called Batooni, that compensates users for their time and attention with real monetary transfers, while affording advertisers targeted, tactically efficient video advertising on mobile phones.