Stop cheap politicalization of Fergusson Issue – ABVP Fergusson College Unit

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Similar to the FTII, HCU, JNU issue, political vultures have started cheap politicalization of the Fergusson Issue. On the afternoon of 23rd March, ABVP activists of Fergusson Campus got information that over a dozen political parties and organizations had barged into the Principal’s office and pressurized him to lodge FIR against the Fergusson students who were present for the informal discussion on the JNU issue. ABVP activists along with the students of Fergusson gathered outside the Principal’s Office demanding action against left activists who threatened and stopped the informal discussion. ABVP also wanted to question on how political activists that have admission in other colleges claimed to be Fergusson students in all media interviews.

The most important point that ABVP wanted to raise was the inaction of college authorities over a written complaint of students of Fergusson College demanding action against hooliganism of those who threatened to stop the informal discussion even when 24 hours had been passed since the students submitted their complaint.

Even after been asked to wait for 90 minutes, ABVP activists and the Fergusson students avoided sloganeering as exams were going on in the campus.

At 4 pm, ABVP got to know that after waiting for 90 minutes, the college authorities were going to meet NCP MLA Jeetendra Awhad who just arrived in the campus. ABVP started protesting over it as the Principal should have given priority to it’s students who had been waiting for so long in broad sunlight, and then meet the MLA who had come to politicize the issue. ABVP also protested against political gathering of 50 NCP workers with NCP flags at Kimaya along with those who had threatened the informal discussion in which MLA Jeetendra Awhad delivered a speech. In protest, ABVP formed a human chain along the Principal office to first allow the students of Fergusson College along with ABVP activists and then MLA Jeetendra Awhad.

Later, ABVP got to know that violent clashes occured between political parties in the garden area between Kimaya and main building. ABVP strongly condemns violence occured on the campus and demands action against all those who were involved in it. ABVP also condemns media reports that mentioned of clash between ABVP and NCP workers as ABVP activists were present infront of the main building which was away from the place where violence occured. The police officers present for bandobast around ABVP activists are witness to this.

The bigger question is still unanswered as why ABVP JNU President Alok Singh was stopped to interact informally with the students when dozens of such informal discussion took place at Kimaya each day. Did the left organizations feared that truth regarding JNU issue will be out and they will be exposed in a campus which is amongst the few in which they have their presence? Why did they didn’t bothered to question Alok Singh instead of threatening him to leave?

Will outside elements will decide when and what Fergusson students would discuss at an open amphitheatre in their own campus? ABVP went ahead with the discussion only because the Principal told the Fergusson students who had sought permission that informal discussion requires no permission.

ABVP condemns Fergusson campus being turned into a political arena by political parties. ABVP stands with the spirit of Fergusson of open discussion- debate away from hooliganism of outside elements. ABVP would fight till the last breath to give justice to the students who complained against their ‘Freedom of Expression’ being violated and being threatened to stop an informal discussion.

We Want Justice!



We the students of Fergusson College.

Akshay Bhikkad, SY B.Sc

Adwait Patki, FY B.A

Chaitanya Kothekar SY B.Sc

Rutuja Dharne, SY B.A

Pallavi Deshpande SY B.A

Abhijeet Khedkar SY B.A

Vikram Surve TY B.Sc

Ashwin Gurjar FY M.Sc

Sayee Divate SY B.A

Rushikesh Chafakanade FY B.A

Mayuresh Jagtap FY B.Sc

Harsh Raut FY B.Voc

Kanaad Aphale 12th Arts

Shivraj Tengse SY B.A