Strong June 2024 Sales for Suzuki and Honda Two-Wheelers

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Pune, 2nd July 2024: Suzuki and Honda saw significant growth in their two-wheeler sales in June 2024, with both companies reporting notable increases. Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India sold over 518,799 units, marking a 59% year-on-year growth in the domestic market and a 70% increase in exports. Suzuki Motorcycle India also experienced a 9% growth, selling 88,287 units compared to last year’s 80,737 units.

Every year, millions of two-wheelers are sold in the Indian market, with companies like Suzuki and Honda offering excellent vehicles. June 2024 proved to be a successful month for both manufacturers. In India, the two-wheeler segment sees the highest vehicle sales every month. Let’s delve into how Suzuki and Honda performed in June 2024.

Honda’s Performance in June 2024

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, a leading two-wheeler manufacturer, reported sales of more than 5.18 lakh units in June 2024. According to the company, they sold a total of 518,799 units of two-wheelers last month, a significant increase from the 324,000 units sold in the same period last year. The domestic market saw sales of 36,202 units. The company achieved a 59% year-on-year growth in the domestic market and a 70% increase in exports. This impressive performance underscores Honda’s strong market presence and ability to meet consumer demand.

Suzuki’s Performance in June 2024

Another prominent Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer, Suzuki Motorcycle India, also reported increased sales in June 2024. The company sold a total of 88,287 units last month, up from 80,737 units in June 2023, reflecting a 9% growth. In the domestic market, Suzuki sold 71,086 units in June 2024, compared to 63,059 units in June 2023. In terms of exports, 17,201 units were sold in June 2024. This growth highlights Suzuki’s expanding footprint in the competitive two-wheeler market.

Both Honda and Suzuki have shown significant growth in their two-wheeler sales for June 2024. Honda’s robust increase in both domestic and export markets, along with Suzuki’s steady growth, reflect a strong performance and a positive outlook for the coming months. This success is indicative of the companies’ ability to cater to the evolving needs of the Indian market.