Students Will be Given Free Coaching for Competitive Exams: Yogi Adityanath

Yogi Adityanath
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Friyana Munshi

Lucknow, January 4, 2021: Chief Minister (CM) Yogi Adityanath made a huge announcement on Sunday giving New Year gifts to the youth of the state. He stated that free coaching will be provided to students preparing for competitive examinations. In the first phase this facility will be made available on the local level. Later this facility will be made available on the district level.

CM Yogi addressed the public on Sunday after the inauguration and laying of the foundation stone of developmental projects worth rupees 580 crores in Gorakhpur. The CM said that new software will be brought soon to make the coaching program a success. The scheme will begin with coaching for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Police Service. Coaching for other competitive examinations shall be started soon after.

Yogi said that not only this but the preparation for engineering, medical, and other entrance examinations will also be made free so that the youth of Uttar Pradesh find themselves landing the most prestigious jobs the country has to offer. Yogi said that this will stop the migration of students to other states. They will no longer find it necessary to leave the district or state for preparing for competitive and state examinations.

Yogi said that the 24 crore people residing in Uttar Pradesh came together like a family in the challenging period of the Covid-19 pandemic. He further said that where every life is precious, we can keep faith on hold for a while. CM said that development will bring changes in everyone’s life and will create employment. The government is committed to accelerating the pace of development in backward eastern Uttar Pradesh by exploring all kinds of possibilities. He further said, “We have controlled all the problems caused by floods in 40 districts of the state, apart from liberating Purvanchal district from all major crises it has had to face. CM Yogi also stated that the very first Wetland in the state will soon start operating floating restaurants in Ramgarh district. Water sports facility will be started soon.

Yogi congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for launching two vaccines of Corona simultaneously in the country and said that India is the first country to do so. Regarding the disputed speech on the vaccine, attacking the opposition, the CM without naming anyone said that are some people in Uttar Pradesh who do not leave even Lord Ram for their benefit; sometimes those who describe Shri Ram as fantasy are found saying that Lord Ram belongs to everyone. CM Yogi further said that such changes are seen all over the state. He also said that may Lord Shri Ram grant such people wisdom.

The CM said that governments existed earlier as well, but they were doing nothing but “time pass”, neither the farmer nor the young men were satisfied back then. In SP-BSP times, their goons used to occupy houses said the CM.