Summer just got cooler at Café Coffee Day 

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Bangalore, May, 2017 – Summer is here and so is the raging heat and exhaustion! While all of us are trying to get a grip of the summer heat, Café Coffee Day (CCD) has come out with a range of beverages to chill and sip on and enjoy summer season to the fullest. Stay cool and fresh with CCD’s aptly termed ‘Summer Chillers’. It brings you a whole new range of beverages that is not just refreshing, but also redefines frappes and slushes in unique flavours that will gratify the indulgent explorer in you.


The summer menu consists of six new chillers. It’s got two new frappes, two fruit-based refreshers and for the coffee devotees there are two coffee chillers.


CCD patrons have spent many indulgent and enjoyable times at its cafes over its much loved range of frappes. CCD now adds to these fun moments with two more unique and yummy frappe additions, ‘Almond Rabdi Frappe’ and ‘Creamy Toffee Frappe.  The Almond Rabdi Frappe brings you the classic taste of the popular Indian dessert in a glass. It is a smooth chiller to down, served with a shot of whipped cream and topped off with crunchy almond flakes. CCD brings another new and evolved taste to the youth with the delicious Creamy Toffee Frappe. It’s got rich toffee sauce blended into a chilled frappe, topped with whipped cream and scrumptious butterscotch.


This summer menu also brings you two cooling refreshers made of India’s quintessential summer flavours – reinvented. ‘Cool Jamun Slush’ made ofKala Jamun delivers our beloved fruit into a soothing beverage. It combines the flavour of jamun with a zing of secret seasoning to revitalize your taste buds. ‘Sugarcane Refresher’ brings you the all-time-favourite sugarcane juice, infused with lemon, spicy ginger and soothing khus. This marvel of a drink is served in a sugar-rimmed cup to transport you right into a summer travel dream!


Next up in the Summer Chillers menu is ‘Toffee Cold Coffee.’ This light beverage comes with layers of cold coffee with creamy toffee, served on a bed of ice. This chiller is topped off with foamed milk and a drizzle of cocoa powder and is absolutely hydrating. Last but not least is the ‘Citrus Cold Brew Coffee’made for discerning customers and available only in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. It’s a signature cold-brew coffee blended with mandarin flavor and served on the rocks in a sugar-rimmed cup. There is no better hangout spot than this!


Speaking on the new launch, Venu Madhav, CEO, Café Coffee Day, said, “This summer is going to be a hot one. With temperatures on the rise, we wanted to provide everyone with a summer getaway that’s super close to home. Customers can sit back, chill and cool off at their favourite CCD this summer as we’ve got a new and eclectic range of cool refreshing beverages. The new Summer Chillers beverages menu has a variety of options for everyone that will appeal to different moods and taste. It’s got indulgent options like the coffee based frappes to popular Indian refreshing fruit options to evolved coffee based drinks. The range is truly one of a kind that offers a fusion of flavours, unique only to CCD, and will excite your adventurous taste buds immediately. This summer at CCD is going to be really a chilled out one!” 


Make CCD your summer hangout this season and sip on Summer Chillers. Sip the fun, not the sun.