Suryadatta holds ‘Campus to Corporate Session’ for SIMMC outgoing batch

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A Campus to Corporate Session, organized by Suryadatta Education Foundation’s, Suryadatta Institute of Management and Mass communication, Pune was conducted in Bansi-Ratna Auditorium at Bavdhan Campus for the students of MBA Semester IV last week.

Dr. Dhananjay Avasarikar in his welcome address described this occasion as full of ‘Sweet Sorrow.’ He stated that the occasion was sweet because those graduate students who joined the Institute two years back would be Post graduate within the period of two to three months. Besides, the occasion was full of partial sorrow because those students with whom there were active interactions for past couple of years would leave the Institute shortly, although their association with the Institute as the Alumni and in some other capacities would definitely continue forever. 

With a number of quotes of eminent personalities, Col. Shishil Kumar motivated the students for hard work in future. Prof. S. Chatterjee convinced the students to be well prepared for facing future challenges. However, Prof. Dr. Sachin Napate deviated from the view of Prof.  S. Chatterjee and suggested that the students should face future situation quite aggressively. Prof. Archana Lahoti emphasized the need of discipline in life and asked students to come out of comfort zone and face future situation bravely.

Three students, namely Rupesh Choudhary, Ms. Nayan Bafna and Neelambuj Singh, as students representatives  shared their experiences they had with the institute for the last two years. Rupesh Choudhary compelled the students to memorize past sweet moments and asked them to cherish. Ms. Nayan Bafna thanked all her Professors in inspiring and guiding them for their overall Academic as well as Personality Development. Neelambuj Singh thanked all his colleagues in general and a few Professors, Dr. Safia Farrukhi and Dr. Dhananjay Avasarikar, in particular for necessary support and cooperation   extended.

This was followed by the Presidential speech delivered by Hon. Prof. Dr. Sanjay B Chordiya. He described the occasion as auspicious and extended his invitation to  the students for Foundation Day Celebration, Teachers Day Celebration and Alumni Meet, every year. He assured the students that nothing in the world is difficult for Suryadatta Students.

This was followed by the Award Ceremony for ‘Best Outgoing Student’ from each category. The award winners were Ms. Nayan Bafna and Neelambuj Singh. Prof. Girish Bodhankar and Prof. Yogesh Jadhav contributed substantially for the grand success of the function. This was followed by some management games which were conducted by Hon. Prof. Dr. Sanjay Chordiya, Dr. Shriprakash Soni and Siddhi Bora. There were 120 students present for the session. The memory game was conducted by Hon. Prof. Dr. Sanjay Chordiya and a cash prize of Rs. 2000 was awarded to the winner – Mr. Rupesh Choudhary. Another game – ‘I Miss Institute’ was coordinated by Ms. Siddhi Bora and the winners – Ms. Nitu Nanda and Mr. Gaurav Jain were appreciated. ‘For Awesome Faculties and Memorable Friends’ was the reason given by Ms. Nitu Nanda and  ‘Friends and Quality Education’ was the reason given by Mr. Gaurav Jain.  Moreover students representatives thanked Hon. Prof. Dr. Sanjay Chordiya, the Chairman, Founder Precedent and Dean Academics, Suryadatta Education Foundation for providing quality education and placement.  In the concluding remark Dr. Shriprakash Soni compared human life with the camera and asked students to focus on important matters while being sincere, punctual and honest in putting extra efforts.