Sushant Singh Rajput: A star gone too soon

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Shikha Chaurasia

Pune, June 16, 2020: From a lanky Patna boy to a TV star and then a film star, Sushant Singh Rajput’s legacy ended too soon. He was found dead, on Sunday morning, at his Bandra residence. It is suspected to be a case of suicide, and so far, no suicide note has been found. The investigation is still ongoing.

After his demise, many celebrities took to social media to express their condolences. But, his death has also triggered a nationwide outrage. Many celebrities like Kangana Ranaut, Vivek Oberoi, Prakash Raj, Koena Mitra, Raveena Tandon, Ranvir Shorey and Nikhil Dwivedi have expressed that Bollywood is a hypocrite industry where talent is not appreciated. They expressed that the working of Bollywood is not fair, and people don’t care about anybody in this industry.

Raveena Tandon took to Twitter to express the unfair working of the industry. She tweeted, “When you speak the truth, you are branded a liar, mad, psychotic. Chamcha journos write pages & pages destroying all the hard work that you might have done. Even though born in the industry, grateful for all it has given me, but dirty politics played by some can leave a sour taste.”

She further wrote, “Mean girl gang of the industry. Camps do exist .Made fun of, and removed from films by Heroes, their girlfriends, Journo chamchas & their career destroying fake media stories. Sometimes careers are destroyed. U struggle to keep afloat. Fight back some survive Some Don’t. #oldwoundsrevisited.”

Vivek Oberoi also took to Twitter to express his grief and tweeted, “Being at Sushant’s cremation today was so heartbreaking. I truly wish I could have shared my personal experience and helped him ease his pain. I’ve been through my own journey of pain, it can be very dark and lonely. But death is never the answer, suicide can never be a solution. I wish he stopped to think of his family, friends and the millions of fans who are feeling this tragic loss today…he would have realised how much people CARE! When I saw his father today, having to light the fire at the cremation, the pain in his eyes was unbearable, when I heard his sister weeping, begging him to come back, I can’t express how deeply tragic it felt.”

He was deeply devastated and urged the film industry to change for the better. He added, “I hope our industry that calls itself a family, does some serious introspection, we need to change for the better, we need to b***h less and care more, less power play and more grace and large heartedness, less ego trips and more acknowledgement for deserving talents, this family needs to truly become a family…a place where talent is nurtured and not crushed, a place where an artist feels appreciated and not manipulated. This is a wake up call for all of us.”

A large number of fans and audience are extremely angered, and are turning to social media platforms to express their views. Many of them wrote that the Bollywood industry only encourages nepotism. Despite new talent being available, nepotism still exists. Sushant’s fans are blaming the industry for his death. They are saying that the industry made him feel like an outsider, and he felt so lonely and out of place that he was forced to take this drastic step.

Alia Bhatt and Karan Johar were among the few celebrities who had to face the wrath of the audience. On Alia Bhatt’s twitter post a person commented, “You will always be Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter and Karan Johar’s puppet. You killed him. Nepotism killed him. All u can do is buy awards, beg for roles, and backstab ur friends. #SushantSinghRajput RIP #Kangana.”

It is being said that Sushant was suffering from clinical depression, and was consulting a psychiatrist. His close friends have alleged that he was suffering from the feeling of isolation, and felt alienated.

Kangana Ranaut also posted a video saying that the only mistake Sushant made was agreeing with people that he was worthless while in reality, he wasn’t. She has always outspokenly disagreed with the nepotism in the industry.

Sushant Singh Rajput was a talented actor, splendid dancer and a scholar student. Let us all remember the good qualities and movies he has left in his legacy for all of us to remember for decades to come. May his soul rest in peace.