Swiggy Celebrates the Delicious Union of Love and Food This Valentine’s Day

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Love for food or food for your love? Let Swiggy guide you, as we delve deep into this delicious union

February 12, 2018: Valentine’s Day is around the corner and so are the quintessential butterflies in the stomach. For some, these are due to the chance to spend the day with their loved ones and for others, the butterflies are fluttering for their forever love – Food. Whatever be the reason, Valentine’s Day is incomplete without a serving of one’s favorite food, mixed with a dash of love.

Taking the mantle from Cupid this Valentine’s Day, Swiggy plans to help people find their food valentines. Dubbed ‘Valendine’, this clever little algorithm helps people match with other Swiggy users, who have similar favourite foods, order times and special requests. This completely opt-in microsite that will be available for users between Feb 11th and Feb 12th, aims to help people bond over their mutual love for food. The proverbial icing on the cake? If someone is able to find their gastronomical other half in time for Valentine’s Day, they may even win an exclusive Swiggy voucher. In fact, the site hit immediate success with close to 1000 registrations within the first few hours.

Swiggy’s tryst with Valentine’s Day is not new. With its strong user-base, it has witnessed an increasing number of Indians ordering in their favorite delicacies and moving on to the more cozier setting of their homes. Here are some Valentine’s Day trends Swiggy witnessed last valentine’s (Feb 14, 2017):

The day sees lovebirds indulge in some sugary goodness. Chocolate orders went up by 55% and 58% on Valentine’s Day in 2016 and 2017 compared to the same days during the eight weeks prior.
India prefers to finish off their perfect dates with lip-smacking desserts like Red velvet cakes and cupcakes. These were ordered 2.85 times more on Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017 compared to the eight Tuesdays before that.
Love-struck Indians are also known to stick to their favorites, the good old, most shareable pizza, as its orders increased sharply by 48% compared to the eight Tuesdays before that

The day also saw some quirky and some aww-inspiring one liners in the comments, as they look to woo their loved ones with a pinch of originality. We gathered the best of the lot here:

A certain Swiggy user channeled their inner animal and said, “Monkey, nothing says I love you better than processed sugar. Happy Valentine’s Day, love!”
While another went for nostalgia when they sent over donuts to their loved one, “Because Dunkin has been the place for all these years and I miss those times. And lots of food because you love food and I love you.”
While another user celebrated it over food in true long-distance love style “Sending love all the way from Bangalore, Happy Valentine’s Day, family

There are some though, whose hearts beat for their one true love – Food! Swiggy went searching for the ones faithfully in love with their food for the past one year and the results were no less fascinating:

A Swiggy user from Chennai seems to be enamored with the decadent Chocolate Milkshake from The Fruit Shop on Greams Road, having ordered it over 200 times in just 365 days!

A foodie in Bangalore loves ordering in Hot Chocolate Fudge. And by love, we mean 143-times-in-a-year kind of love.

The kind of relationship that gets us rooting is the LDR (long-distance relationship) and it seems like a Swiggy user located in Hyderabad has found the fix for his LDR through Savla’s Home Food’s Gujarati fare which he ordered 106 times this year!

This Valentine’s Day, Swiggy will celebrates love in all its forms, be it with food or for it, and aims to give its users a slight nudge towards finding their “Valendines”!