Symbiosis International University –Vimannagar New Campus conferred second rank in Swachh Awards

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The Symbiosis International University-Vimannagar New Campus has been ranked second and has received a memento, certificate and a cash price of Rs 25,000 under the School/College sector.

The Swachh Awards under six different categories- Households, Housing Societies, Schools/Colleges, NGOs, Public Sector entities and Private sector entities were announced by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) in August 2016. The Swachh Award is conferred for innovative initiatives, projects in solid waste management, sanitation including construction and maintenance of toilets.

The criteria for the assessment were as follows:

1- Innovation – New ways undertaken to handle waste

2- Replication – Whether the implemented model is Replicable

3- Sustainability- Developed model must be sustainable

4- Cost effectiveness- The economic feasibility

5- Participation- participation from all stake holders

6-Awarness- are we making any awareness in the society for 3R’s

Under these criteria the initiatives undertaken by the campus to qualify for the award are:

  1. At the Symbiosis Vimannagar New Campus, there is an Organic Waste Composter (OWC) system to handle the canteen waste. Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) for handling the liquid waste and recirculating this treated water for flush purpose. This helps in reduction of usage of fresh water.
  2. 100% segregation of dry and wet at source. Innovative practice-At every designated location of waste collection, there are separate bins to collect segregated waste including e-waste bin on campus and hostel.
  3. Biogas plant at hostel to handle kitchen waste
  4. Special care is taken for sanitation -separate bins for sanitary napkins in all ladies hostel bathrooms, separate dustbins system for all hostel rooms, floors etc. to ensure 100% segregation of waste at source.
  5. Student and staff alike are trained for waste reduction, segregation and reuse during induction program.