Take Just ‘Six-Minute Walk’ At Home To Check Your Lungs, Oxygen Level

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Pune, 19 April 2021: To raise awareness about healthy lungs and help you know whether they are functioning well, the Maharashtra State health department has suggested an easy, home-based lung test. The test will help you know about the status of your lungs and whether you require medication, care or doctor’s interference.

Dr Pradeep Vyas, the head of the state health department directed all medical fraternity to spread awareness about this exercise in the recently held review meeting. This will help the patient to know about the oxygen levels and can seek immediate medical attention if required. The review meeting was held against the backdrop of the Covid-19 explosion in the state.

Who can do this test?

  • Those who have fever, cold, cough or have Corona symptoms
  • Patients who are in home isolation
  • People who are above 60 years of age can do the test by walking three minutes
  • Those who already have breathing problems can avoid doing it

How to do this test?

Before starting the test, the person should attach the pulse oximeter to a finger and record the oxygen levels. Keeping the oximeter on to the finger, walk for six minutes in the house at a medium pace. After the walk again should check the oxygen levels.

If the oxygen levels remain the same, then you have good lungs.

If the levels are down by two to three points, nothing to worry about much.

Repeat the test twice or thrice a day

If the levels fail below 93% or drop by three percent more than at the starting point and the person feels exhausted or finds difficulty in breathing, then it indicates a poor level of oxygen in the body.


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