Tanishq is the exclusive jewellery partner for Padmavati Decoding Padmavati’s latest look

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With the first two movie posters of the much-awaited Padamavti being at the center of many conversations, the makers of the film have officially released the third poster of the movie. Featuring the gorgeous Deepika Padukone adorned in exquisite Tanishq jewellery, the third poster is giving us a lot of feels!

Padukone is seen standing in what looks like a palace. Keeping true to the design aesthetic of the era, she is adorned with stunning jewellery from Tanishq’s eponymous collection. Let’s take a deep dive on the jewellery that graces Rani Padmavati, and here’s how you can get the look this festive season:

Necklace – This magnificent necklace is embedded with handmade miniature paintings, that serve as an ode to Rani Padmavati. Crafted with intricate kundan work along with very fine Partaj detailing, this necklace is further accentuated by pearl and emerald hangings.

Haar – A haar is an intrinsic part of any traditional outfit. This haar is embellished by 5 rows of pearl strings, with a striking pendant that is studded with elaborate kundan work and pearl hangings.

Bangles – No festivity or occasion is complete without a pair of bangles. the majestically carved pillars from Padmavati’s palace serve as an inspiration for this pair of bangles. With kundan representing tiny lamps, we feel this is the best accessory to dress up your Diwali ensemble.

Armlet – The highlight of this baajuband is that it can also be worn as a choker. Crafted with kundan and jadai work, this baajuband draws its inspiration from the mesmerizing patterns on the grand chandeliers from Rani Padmavati’s palace.

Earrings – These earrings are crafted in the shape of ‘padma’ or lotus, and draws inspiration from Padmvati’s name. Studded with gorgeous red and white stones, this design makes use of kundan and jadai techniques.

Nath – This intricately crafted nath draws inspiration from the ornate designs on Padmavati’s wardrobe. Finished off with ravva work, the tiny pearls add an extra allure to this gorgeous nath.

Ring – the paisley motif is the highlight of this ring, which draws its inspiration from the ornate carvings of Padmavati’s palace. The die – stamp work showcased in this technique, lends an old-world charm to the ring.

Borla – The borla, better known as a Maang Tika, also forms an essential part of this look. Staying true to the bygone era, Tanishq created a range of borlas for the much-awaited movie.

Haathphool – Worn by royalty, the haathphool has now become an essential accessory. Studded with kundan, this haathphool from Tanishq is an elaborate rendition of the hand ornament.