‘Task Force Recommendation Of Non-Opening Of Schools In Maharashtra Is Unscientific’

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Pune: August 18, 2021: The decision by the task force has come under severe criticism from Jan Arogya Abhiyan calling it unscientific. The members of the Abhiyan also have demanded to make the report submitted by the task force public.


Maharashtra State government has deferred its decision of reopening the school after the task force gave its opinion in negative.


In its press statement, it mentioned that the decision should have been taken considering public health. There are no public health experts in the task force. The school closure is not only taking an educational toll on the children but it is affecting their mental and physical health too.


“With the closure of Anganwadi, the children too are deprived of the nutritious meals distributed to them during the mid-day meal. The malnutrition among the children might give rise to tuberculosis”, the release stated.


The report also pointed out that nearly 67% of Indians were affected with Coronavirus, says the Indian Medical Research Council report. The infection to the children above the age of six is the same despite the school closure which means that school closure is not the solution.


Only 0.5% of children have been affected with Covid-19 among its population of 26% of the total population. The majority of the children had no effects of Covid-19. Keeping the school closed is unscientific considering the health graph”, it said.