Tata Motors’ Vidyadhanam Initiative helps Ruturaj break socioeconomic barriers to pursue his dreams

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Pune, 20 December 2023 – In an interesting turn of events, Ruturaj, the son of a humble vegetable vendor from Ghatale village, defied socioeconomic challenges to build a career in engineering and help get his family get out of the vicious cycle of poverty. In this journey, Tata Motors held his hand to help him tread the path to success and transform his life forever.

In a remarkable feat, Ruturaj overcame financial constraints and societal expectations to aspire and achieve his dream career. His family was living hand to mouth with his father’s meagre income that he generated by selling vegetables. In such circumstances, he was not able to concentrate on his studies and was on the verge of giving up studies in class 9. Just then he got enrolled for remedial classes run by Tata Motors in his school which helped him come out with flying colours in class 10th board examinations. Enthused with this assistance, Ruturaj consistently performed well in his studies and pursued a career in engineering. With his grit and determination, he completed his professional course in engineering and now works as an Assistant Civil Engineer with a prominent construction company in Chiplun.

Commenting on Ruturaj’s journey, Vinod Kulkarni, CSR Head, Tata Motors said, “Ruturaj’s success story establishes how access to education can serve as a powerful tool for social upliftment and help in transforming the lives of the people uplifting journey stands as a heartfelt testimony to the life-changing influence of education and opportunities. At Tata Motors, we are committed to empowering bright minds from underprivileged backgrounds, offering the essential resources for them to realise their dreams. Ruturaj’s success as he pursued his dream of becoming a civil engineer fills us with pride, and we aspire that his achievements will serve as inspiration for countless others to fearlessly pursue their aspirations.”

Ruturaj expresses his heartfelt gratitude to Tata Motors for their invaluable support in helping him achieve his aspirations. Through impactful initiatives like Tata Motors’ Vidyadhanam program, the company remains a potent force for positive societal change. Since 2013, Tata Motors has reached out to over 200 Government run schools covering more than 20000 students with its remedial classes in government schools to help them improve their academic performance. Post Covid, Tata Motors is conducting these remedial classes via digital learning mode in over 90 schools wherein teachers visit students at regular intervals to resolve queries of the students.