Tata’s Curvv Set to Debut Before Festive Season, Details on Features and Pricing Revealed

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Pune, May 15th, 2024 – Tata Motors, a prominent Indian vehicle manufacturer, is gearing up to launch the Tata Curvv, a coupe SUV, in the Indian market. Reports suggest an imminent unveiling of this vehicle. What features can consumers expect, and what will be its anticipated price in India? Let’s delve into the specifics.

According to media reports, Tata is on the verge of introducing the Curvv SUV to the Indian market. The company had previously showcased its production-ready version during the February 2024 India Mobility Show. While initially unveiled as an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) variant, anticipation is high for an electric version preceding its ICE counterpart.

Production is slated to commence from June 2024, with an official launch expected shortly after. Presently, the company is engaged in testing the electric iteration of the coupe SUV. Upon completion of testing, Tata’s new SUV, observed several times during testing, may soon hit the roads.

The Tata Curvv coupe SUV is anticipated to boast a design akin to both its ICE variant and electric model. Featuring an aggressive lower grille, split LED headlight setup, and clamshell-shaped hood, it promises a sporty aesthetic. Additionally, expect features such as sporty alloy wheels, LED tail lights, and a coupe-style roofline.

Tata aims to equip its mid-size electric coupe-style SUV with a larger battery pack and motor compared to Nissan. With a full charge, it is estimated to offer a range of about 500 kilometers. Reports suggest a 50 kWh capacity battery and a 116 kilowatt motor. The vehicle may come with a liquid-cooled, IP-67 rated battery and motor.

In terms of competition, Tata’s electric Curvv will go head-to-head with upcoming electric SUVs like the Hyundai Creta EV, Maruti Exis EV, and Citroen Basalt EV. Sources suggest a potential debut before the festive season, indicating a strategic market entry.

While the company has not disclosed specific details regarding the Tata Curvv EV’s pricing, speculations hint at a launch price of around Rs 20 lakh. Positioned above the company’s Nexon EV, it aims to carve a niche in the competitive electric SUV segment.