TCS To Hire 77,000 Freshers In Upcoming Year, Decide Their Salaries: HR Head Milind Lakkad

TCS Hinjawadi
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Pune, 13th October 2021: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) will be hiring 77,000 freshers in the financial year 2022 due to strong demand for tech talent, the company’s chief human resources officer, Milind Lakkad informed. Initially, they planned to hire 40,000 freshers.


“For campus hiring, we have already done 43,000. We are looking at another 34,000. So close to 77,000 is what we’re looking at. We will look at the situation as the months go by and increase our numbers as the situation demands,” Lakkad said elaborating the condition further.


TCS has a program wherein students studying in their seventh semester of college are taught about technology, and soft skills via the company’s Explore program. It also includes unit-specific training such as cloud or security.


“We continue to assess them obviously and this has all been done virtually for 18 months. It will continue to be like that even after the pandemic and we will bring in physical aspects as the situation normalises,” adds Lakkad.


1,500 students are enrolled in the company’s digital certification program every week. After the courses, the company provides basic compensation as well incentives based on the competency of the candidates.


“There is basic compensation and if they are ready by the time we want them or before that, they get certain incentives. This adds to their compensation. We are even thinking of increasing these incentives significantly,” he added further.


He said that by the end of six to seven months, the students are not just ready to join TCS, but they are ready to join a specific business unit as well.


Last year, TCS also announced a salary hike twice a year, however, this year the IT giant wants to go back to our regular salary cycle.


The next cycle will be done in April. Freshers’ salary has for almost a decade been at Rs 3.5 LPA, however, TCS has a different salary scale for those with digital skills. “We want people to feel hungry, we want them to learn and, we provide them with all different pathways to get there. If you take digital, people get double the base salary at Rs 3.5 lakh per annum. If you want to reach there, we say come in and apply for it, you get three more chances within three years to get to that level,” Lakkad said.


He informed that TCS allows associates to decide their own compensation. In their digital certification program where it is “paying differentially based on competency, we are thinking of increasing that component, even more.