Teenagers, Drugs, and Alcohol: Pune’s Late-Night Party Culture Exposed

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Reported by Sumit Singh

Pune, 23rd June 2024: In the wake of the recent Kalyaninagar hit-and-run case, attention has turned to Pune’s burgeoning yet illicit late-night party culture. The investigation has unveiled disturbing trends of illegal liquor sales, drug use, and regulatory violations within the city’s nightlife, focusing on the L3 – Liquid Leisure Lounge located on Ferguson College Road.

There were many complaints against this pub earlier also.

L3 – Liquid Leisure Lounge has been serving liquor to minors without any age verification protocols. Pune, historically known as an education hub, seems to be spiraling into a hotspot for drug consumption, with rampant use of narcotics and other illegal substances at these gatherings.


A sting operation, supported by regular party-goers who provided critical insights and access, revealed shocking scenes. Teenagers were seen heavily intoxicated, with parties extending until 4:30 AM, well beyond legal operating hours. Video footage clearly shows these violations, highlighting the lack of enforcement.


One of the most alarming discoveries was the ease with which underage individuals could access alcohol and drugs. There was no age verification at the venue, and a noticeable absence of police presence. Despite the late-night activities continuing into the early morning, law enforcement did not intervene.


Videos captured young party-goers consuming narcotics in the washrooms, indicating a severe lapse in regulatory oversight. The L3 Lounge, which hosted these parties, operates under FL3 License number 445, issued to Rainbow Bar, owned by Vicky Jadhav. The establishment blatantly flouts excise norms, police regulations, and Pune Municipal Corporation guidelines.

Authorities are now under pressure to take decisive action to address these violations and restore order in the city’s party scene.


DCP (Zone 1) Sandeep Singh Gill told Punekar News, “The club was operating beyond the 1:30 AM deadline. It will be sealed, and a case will be registered soon.”


Excise Superintendent CB Rajput informed Punekar News that our team has already arrived at the location and we are initiating action against them.