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The romantic track “Tera Fitoor” brings together, a unique combination of three “Genius” – singer Arijit Singh, composer Himesh Reshammiya & lyricist Kumaar. Rendered by the current music sensation Arijit Singh in his soulful, emotive romanticism, composed by the star composer Himesh Reshammiya & penned by Kumaar that will touch your heart , the song “Tera Fitoor” grabs attention instantly for its lovely melody which soars partly because of its meticulous arrangements.
Talking about the chemistry between Utkarsh & Ishita, they are a beautiful vision together and their cute, innocent romance is hard to miss. With a youthful setting and young leading star cast with brilliant chemistry one can surely expect to storm over the music scenes.
In the time when Bollywood is facing scarcity of originality, Tips Music, Anil Sharma & Deepak Mukut boosts original, fresh & authentic music in “Genius” with their first romantic ballad “Tera Fitoor”.
The hook step which is choreographed by the very talented Adil Shaikh was shot in IIT. The students of the college went gaga over the hook step that it become an instant hit amongst them.
Anil Sharma & Producer Deepak Mukut says “It is a song for all age groups. From sixteen to sixties everyone is going to love Fitoor. When Himesh played this song we instantly knew public would love it, sunte hi iska fitoor chad gaya. This may come as a surprise that we are releasing the song before the trailer but ever since we have released the teaser the song has created a lot of buzz that we were flooded with request to release the song before the trailer. Fans wrote their own versions of the song with just two lines which they heard in the teaser which in turn forced us to release the song in order to prevent any kind of piracy. With such a hype, we decided to release the song before the trailer”
“Genius” is a golden venture envisioned by Anil Sharma to launch his son Utkarsh Sharma with his ambitious project. Which is why, despite the presence of new faces there is tremendous hype surrounding the release & the music release of the film “Genius”
“Genius” which marks the debut of Utkarsh Sharma also stars Nawazuddin Shiddqui and Mithun Chakraborthy will release on 24th August, 2018.