Territorial Army Troops Celebrate  72nd Raising Day

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Pune, 09 Oct 2020 : Territorial Army (TA) since inception on 09 October 1948, as “Citizens Army”, has come a long way and played a major role in assisting Regular Army as Second line of defence in times of war, by guarding Vantage Areas including Critical Ammunition installations.

The TA soldier has always been recognised as multi-skilled and talented candidate, and his contribution has increased manifold over the years. TA has participated in all Wars since independence, later many TA Air Defence and Artillery were converted into Regular Army Units owing to their battle skills.

On the occasion of “72ND Raising Day of Territorial Army on 09 October 2020, Lieutenant General CP Mohanty, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief Southern Command extends warm wishes to all serving & veteran TA officers, Junior Commission Officers, soldiers, and families in Southern Comd Zone.

The Southern Command Zone extending from Kerala to Gujarat & Andaman consists of thirteen Infantry TA battalions, that have their permanent locations in Kannur, Coimbatore, Belgaum, Kolhapur, Pune etc, they not only provide Rear Area Security, but also assist in Flood Relief & Aid to Civil Authorities, when called for, even while bulk of the unit is embodied in  State of Kashmir and North Eastern region for security tasks.

The two Ecological TA units fully focus on afforestation task in arid region of Marathwada in Maharashtra, and in Rajasthan deserts along Indira Gandhi canal. The Four departmental TAs (Railway, Oil, Marketing Sector) are ever ready for ESMA & Operational tasks in times of crisis. Thus, Terriers are a multifaceted and skilled combat force engaged in diverse roles contributing to Indian Army and Nation building.