Textiles Ministry Sets up Emergency Control Room to Monitor Production and Supply of Medical Textiles

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26 March 2020, India- The Ministry of Textiles has set up an Emergency Control Room to monitor production and supply of medical textiles (N-95 mask, Body Coveralls and meltblown fabric) which are required in connection with Covid-19.

Emergency control office will work under the supervision of Shri. P K Kataria, Special Secretary (Mobile No. 9818149844). Following officers of the Textiles Ministry are part of the control room:

Sr. No. Name Designation Mobile No.
1 NiharRanjan Dash Joint Secretary 9910911396
2 H K Nanda Director 9437567873
3 Balram Kumar Director 9458911913
4 Pankaj Kumar Singh Dy. Secretary 9555758381
5 Padmapani Bora Dy. Secretary 9871070834

Following field level officers have also been appointed to take stock of the situation from ground level:

Sr. No. Name Designation Mobile No.
1 MolayChandanChakravarthy Textile Commissioner, Mumbai 8910267467
2 RanjitRanjanOkhandiar Member Secretary,

Central Silk Board, Bangalore

3 Ajit B Chavan Secretary, Textile Committee, Mumbai 9958457403

Anyone having any problem relating to supply of medical textiles (N-95 mask and Body Coveralls) may contact these officers.