The Frontline Warriors – Central Railway Medics/Paramedics, Sanitation Workers

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India, 25 April 2020 – Across the country, medical/healthcare professionals, para-medical staff and sanitation workers are reporting for duty to safeguard people. Railways with huge employee base & vital contact points play a very important role to halt the spread of Covid19 pandemic. Central Railway began its preparation to combat Covid19 by educating, motivating & training its medical/health professionals, para medical staff & sanitary workers.

Doctors along with paramedical staff and sanitary workers are fighting a battle against the virus round the clock at all our Divisional Railway Hospitals at Kalyan, Nagpur, Bhusaval, Solapur & Pune including the Headquarter Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Memorial Hospital, Byculla. Paramedics have been trained in various relevant aspects such as operational aspects of PPE usage, intensive disinfection practices etc.

Sanitary workers / Housekeeping assistants of the medical department ensure a first line of defence in this battle against covid19. They are proactively carrying out cleaning, fumigation and disinfection of railway premises, stations, residential quarters and public contact points. Further the Chief Health Inspectors carryout education and information campaign on preventive measures and the ways to combat Covid19 pandemic. Thus, Central Railway Medical Department with its proactive approach guarding its employees from any possible damage by this Pandemic.

To assist railway hospitals, CR workshops are producing PPEs, Oxygen cylinder carrying trolleys etc. So far, 50 Oxygen cylinder carrying trolleys have been made by Parel workshop and handed over to the Dr. BAM Hospital.