The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

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Maa Maitreyi ,

The Sun to Human Foundation

Pune, 26th October 2022: As the human being lying twisted in his mother’s womb was born into this boundless world he saw immense space and tremendous light and fears arose in his mind. When  given a drop of honey to lick, he felt relieved thinking that all was well and that he has someone’s support. Thus he pacified himself. However the first shock of fear was so ingrained in his mind that he became startled at the slightest sound and yet again became quiet when given his mother’s breast. In this way taking external support at every step this human being became dependent on the support of his parents. As he grew older,he started looking for additional props in his life which came in the form of school teachers,money, wife,wealth,status,society,youth,beauty and authority. These are his principle possessions and entire life support.He takes it for granted that he can be sustained on this worldly support alone and he squanders away his life. In addition to this man creates many types of artificial bondages around him in the form of comforts and attachments resulting from ever newer inventions.If man has to live in modern society he has to abide and respect the norms of tradition and social conventions. The whole of humanity has become entangled in illusion from birth and lives in bondage taking special pride in all of this and becoming intoxicated with worldliness. The human being misses knowing his real nature.He was born an Emperor but turns into a beggar. A grain of wheat can either be ground into flour and change into faeces or can transform into a plant to produce countless grains. It’s time to get rid of the conditioning and work oneself to a drop by drop awakening of the consciousness. Man’s biological evolution was over approximately 1,56,000 years ago when the Ape evolved into the “Homosapien” but the psychological evolution,for which one comes back birth after birth,is yet to begin. He has no knowledge either of the centers or the working of the exquisite machinery that he calls his body or the dormant energy that he has been gifted with in the form of lust,anger,desires, attachment and how to use it. He constantly oscillates between the animal-state and Divine and before he even realises, the eighty to ninety years time that he had got,expires. The purpose of this is not to add new information or beliefs to the mind or to try to convince one of anything but to spring up some obvious,yet, never thought of questions in his mind to urge upon him to take the first practical step towards his awakening and introduce him to the world of experience through experiment.

The camp coaxes one to realise that the miseries that surround him are all his own making and that they can all be overcome by awakening the potential lying dormant in the human brain. To use the key of 10% consciousness he has been gifted with to unlock the 90% unconscious. Life can become a beautiful game, one must only learn the rules.It is just an introduction not merely in words for words have not changed anything so far but through simple step by step practical techniques to wake man up from his deep slumber.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.