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Students from nine undergraduate engineering departments of Vishwakarama Institute of Technology, Pune, thoroughly enjoyed the Mini-Project competition NAVONMESH-2016, conducted on Saturday 9th January, 2016.  A total of 1200 mini-projects get executed, at Vishwakarama Institute of Technology, every academic year by the First, Second and Third Year BTech students. Out of these, 80 projects were selected for this competition. Thirty eminent personalities from industries, research labs and other academic institutions were invited as experts to evaluate the projects. The rigorous evaluation was based upon the criteria such as novelty, social relevance, business potential and quality of development. In the inaugural function, Prof. Dr. Rajesh Jalnekar, director of the institute said, “The objective of inclusion of mini-projects right from the first year of engineering study is to motivate students to think out-of-the-box and work creatively applying their theoretical knowledge for the benefit of the society”.NAVONMESH-2016 was well-received as industry inclined one-of-a-kind event in-line with the “make-in-India” concept. As the main focus was to evaluate the projects and not the students;NAVONMESH-2016 was a good demonstration of “Score-board to Skill-Board” transformation. The noteworthy success of this event was the interest shown by industry experts to commercialize some of the novel projects presented in this event. Prof. Dr. Manasi S. Patwardhan, Dean R&D and Industry Relations and Dr. Shripad Bhatlawande who coordinated this event conveyed that based on the evaluations and comments provided by the experts top 3 projects under every criterion, mentioned above, would be awarded as winners of NAVONMESH-2016.