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The Nation celebrates Independence Day with immense pride and glittering ceremonies are held at various places. With most of effort directed towards organizing events in a manner that is befitting the occasion, it provides an opportune time for the terrorists to strike.

Citizens advised to be vigilant.

“Recent incidents at Gurdaspur and Udhampur indicate that terrorists and other rogue elements inimical to the State find the occasion suitable for creating chaos and disruption. This is a war that touches every citizen irrespective of the distance from the border. As was evident in the Udhampur incident, it is due to vigilance and exceptional bravery of common citizen that an armed terrorist has been captured,” a press release from Ministry of Defence in Pune stated.

It further said that these incidents are also pointers to the choice of targets by the terrorists. In both the cases the targets have been government organizations that directly contribute to national security. These incidents also indicate that with the vigilance and bravery of common citizen, the National Security is enhanced many fold and that defeats the design of anti-national elements. As such, during the period around Independence Day, there is need to be vigilant as advised by various intelligence agencies. It also makes it advisable, that every member of public in Pune appreciates and also cooperates in security measures such as enhanced identity check, traffic control, access control to sensitive areas. In ultimate analysis they finally are, a measure contributing to our own safety.

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