Third Wave Of Corona Virus Can Be Prevented In India, NITI Aayog Member Discusses Preventive Measures

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New Delhi, 22nd June 2021: NITI Aayog Member (Health) Dr VK Paul said that the third wave of corona virus pandemic can be prevented if necessary precautions are taken and more people get vaccinated. If these two measures are taken, then it is possible to stop the third wave.

The mass vaccination campaign has already started in the country from Monday 21st June 2021. Monday proved to be a historic day for India’s vaccination campaign as more than 86.16 lakh doses of the vaccine were administered in a single day. Dr Paul said that the one-day figure shows that the campaign will reach in a big way in the coming days and weeks.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had called for the implementation of the new vaccine policy from 21st June 2021 and had announced to provide free doses of vaccine across the country. Anyone above 18 years can visit any vaccination centre and get a free dose of the vaccine.

“All this has been possible due to planning and coordination between the central and state governments”, a statement by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) quoted Dr Paul. Dr Paul added, “whether the third wave comes or not is in our hands. If guidelines are followed and citizens are vaccinated, then the third wave will not come. There are many countries where the second wave has not reached. If we take precautions then it is possible to prevent the third wave from reaching the country.”

Dr Paul underlined the importance of rapid vaccination to resume the normal functioning of the economy and the country. He added that maintaining a social life, opening schools, businesses and taking care of the country’s economy will be possible only when the vaccination is completed at a fast pace and with the corporation of the citizens. He dismissed the rumours regarding the corona vaccine and said that it is a big mistake to think that vaccines are unsafe. Similar to all vaccines around the world, the vaccine provided by the government is approved under an emergency use authorization.