This Mother’s Day, Photobook your nostalgic moments

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Mothers are, perhaps, the most important person in anyone’s life. They play a crucial role in building, shaping and nurturing our life, expecting nothing in return from their children. How nice would it be if she were made to feel special every now and then? International Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the spirit of a Mother and this Mother’s day Vistaprint brings back the joy of visiting your old memories with Photobook.


Vistaprint recreates the nostalgic moments with Photobook, where consumers can print their memories and gift their special ones. With an online campaign to promote Photobooks this Mother’s day, Vistaprint captures the beautiful essence of the relationship between mother and daughter in their new campaign (Downloadable of the AV


The behind this campaign is to help people redial the nostalgia associated with a hard copy photobook from the days gone by –hence the campaign name#MemoriesHumesha –  As some Memories are Worth Preserving and Sharing.


With proliferation of digital photograph, the concept of a hard copy album is going out of vogue, however, the joy associated with revisiting an old family album every once in a while is something which revisiting random pics on a phone can never match.


We want to help people preserve and share their memories in the old fashion way using our platform which removes the hassle of a physical visit to the store while improving the quality of albums significantly by offering the entire process online.


Vistaprint offers three ways of creating a photobook on our portal:


  1. a) Online editor – for simple photobook
  2. b) Offline editor – for advance designing of photobook
  3. c) We do it for your service – where all the consumer does is create a  upload a photography on the link(upload options include Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Box, Google drive, Evernote, Gmail, your picture gallery etc.), we design and share the pdf proof of the photobook which is then post approval and payment sent to printed and dispatched. This entire conversation with consumer is done using WhatsApp post upload


We have 3 types of Photobook – Landscape, Portrait and Square in 9 sizes total with 3 types of cover options – Photo cover, Linen, and Leather.


A small photobook starts at Rs.250/-. All our photobooks come with free photo cover option.


Link to our photobook page is as follows: