Those who want to get out of Congress, are free to go : Shashi Tharoor

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Rayyan Ahmed

Pune, 22nd September, 2019 : “Though some party leaders are crossing over to BJP, the Congress has no cause for concern. Those who want to go, can go freely. Congress has no shortage of candidates. The party has competent workers and candidates,” Congress MP and spokesperson Shashi Tharoor said on Sunday.

He was speaking to reporters after the program organized by All India Professional Congress at Congress Bhawan in Shivajinagar.

“Sonia Gandhi is steadfastly holding the Congress presidency and we will be able to contest elections in Maharashtra and Haryana under her leadership”, he said.

Tharoor further added, “There are some elements and values of the Congress and the workers who are bound to it will stay with the party even during difficult times. The ones changing the party have no commitment, Congress gave them opportunity and strength. They grew up on it. They are now looking for opportunities in the other party. There is no reason for the Congress to panic, the Congress has no shortage of candidates. The number of aspirants in Pune and Mumbai is large and it is the same elsewhere in the country. ”