Thousands throng book exhibition at Institution of Engineers, Shivajinagar in Pune

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The exhibition has been organised by Goa based Broadway Book Centre aimed at promoting book reading culture in the city.

It is raining books at the Institution of Engineers Shivajinagar after Goa based Broadway Book Centre has started selling international bestsellers for a mere Rs 50 for all types of books. The book exhibition which started recently with a low key inauguration is currently witnessing hundreds of citizens queueing at the venue to purchase books which according to them are quite affordable.

However,organisers feel that despite selling books at Rs 50, they are satisfied with their small profits due to massive book sale and mature reading public of Pune which according to them was far more important than earning money.

A visit to the venue located on the first floor of the building revealed neatly stacked books numbering in thousands spread all over
the hall. Avid readers were seen picking up their favorite titles are long and careful research. According to its proprietor Khalid Ahmad thousands of books have been sold after the sales began in Pune post inauguration. ” We had unloaded three truck loads of cartons contained around 1,40,000 titles. The response has been above our expectations as Pune is a book reader’s city. Despite selling the book at Rs 50 each, we are earning our profits which alone is not our motive. We want to provide them the best quality of paper on international scale at minimum prices , ” he said.

Amongst the books which are selling like hot cakes are those of author Dan Brown, Harry Potter series. Sidney Sheldon series, John Grisham, Paulo Coelho , Chicken Soup Series and other popular bestsellers. Besides, thousands of titles from non fiction, science, children , medicine, psychology and other myriad subjects are up for sale.

Khalid’s son Faheem said ” We have been coming to Pune since long as the city has is one of the best markets for books due to its
dedicated and genuine readers. We wanted to extend our stay at the venue but the management has said that further dates have been booked,” he said. Faheem went to add that the book trade was also in problem and urged the book lovers community from Pune to support reading literacy and love for books in the aftermath of global digital revolution.

Sushobhan Kulkarni, a resident from Aundh said that he was delighted to browse through a number of books at the exhibition. He said . “The variety of books is too diverse and the prices are low enough that even a common person who has less
Rs 100 can buy a book for himself or herself,” Kulkarni added.

Dhairyasheel Ghanwat , a student from Camp said that he had spent over Rs 1000 on books. There is a plethora of books on offers and it feels good to be in the company of books. We never know when we will get yet another chance to purchase books at such
affordable prices in the future, ” he said.

The fair organisers have promised heavy discounts for institutions who will place bulk orders with the bookstore.

Broadway is Goa’s leading bookstore with its operations spread in middle east especially Dubai and Sharjah.

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