Three Arrested in Pune Drug Raid, Including Nigerian; Total Arrests Now 13

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Pune, 28th June 2024: A viral video showing youths consuming drugs at a pub on Pune’s renowned Fergusson College (FC) Road has sparked significant controversy, prompting swift action from the Pune Police. Following the video’s circulation, police arrested three drug peddlers connected to the incident, bringing the total number of arrests to 13 since the crackdown began.

The video, recorded at the L3 Liquid Liger Lounge, showed partygoers consuming illicit substances. Initial detentions and interrogations led to the discovery of a local drug trafficking network, resulting in the arrest of three individuals, including one Nigerian national. Police confiscated drugs such as cocaine and MD, which were allegedly supplied to the youths in the video.

The incident at L3 Lounge, which followed a gathering at The Cult in Hadapsar and continued until early morning, has caused public outcry over drug-related activities on FC Road. This has raised serious concerns about law enforcement and the increasing prevalence of drug abuse in Pune, a city once known for its educational institutions but now seemingly infiltrated by drug mafias. Residents are expressing frustration over what they perceive as a breakdown in law and order, questioning whether authorities are capable of maintaining control.

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Recent incidents, including the Lalit Patil case and the Kalyani Nagar Porsche incident involving pubs and bars, have highlighted issues that were allegedly addressed but continue to persist. This latest incident underscores the challenges faced in tackling the drug trade and curbing the influence of pub culture on youth. While police efforts are crucial, there is a broader societal responsibility involving parents and educators to address these underlying social issues. Resolving this problem requires a comprehensive approach that goes beyond law enforcement to address its root causes.