Tinder launches ‘Reactions’ –  Because Reactions speak louder than words

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We have all been in situations where we wanted to say something to a Tinder match, but just didn’t know how. Whether it be getting out of a tricky situation or expressing love and gratitude, finding the right words can be tough. But, when words don’t cut it, actions do. Or even better…Reactions!

Created by the women of Tinder as a fun new way to communicate, the latest feature has all-new animations that capture exactly what you want to say, without the stress of how to say it. Whether it’s appreciating someone for being awesome, nudging someone cute to make a move, or just saying NOPE to obvious stupidity, Reactions has you covered.

Tinder has also partnered with actress/comedian Whitney Cummings, to be the voice of some of the Reactions. She even joined the women of Tinder at the office to test them out. Messaging on the app will never be the same!

Here’s a little peak into each of these Reactions.

Hearts: For when you’ve found the perfect match! Someone who gets you, says the right thing at the right time and truly gives you butterflies. If you love what they have said, now is your time to let some hearts explode onto the chat window

Laughs: Humor is the best ice breaker. You know your match will do all it takes to get you to laugh. And when they crack it, there is no better way to respond than with the Laughs reaction. With this feature, your matches are in for a humorous time!

Round of Applause: This one can be looked as a fun gesture of appreciation when your match does something nice, or says something that you couldn’t agree to more.

Really…?!: The right attitude for the wrong person! This reaction comes equipped with three buttons – Really…?!, NOPE and Ugh, that have the same level of boldness without being too offensive. A way of sending out a clear message, without having to speak out loud and disrupt your peace of mind.

The eye roll: Sarcasm is our natural reflex to stupidity. But what if it’s too soon to throw sass into the conversation? The eye roll reaction is here to the rescue.

The ball’s in your court You’ve had a promising conversation with someone, have even made your move, but want the guy to take it further. Now you can say it without saying it, with the help of the “balls in your court” Reaction

In India, 3 reactions; the Heart, Laughs and Round of Applause will be available to everyone and 3 reactions; Really…?!, Eye Roll and Ball’s in your court are just for women.

Go forth and Express yourself! You are one swipe away from a connection.