Tired of Managing Your Hair, still not Happy?

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To upkeep with the latest trends and fashion statements, one always needs to try out different styles with hair. Hair not only defines your charisma or complements your attire, but also brings out the uptown personality.

Hairs are exposed to several toxins and chemicals like parabeans, triclosan, and petroleum based products, hair sprays and mousse. Even heat generating products like hairdryers and straighteners do blunders.

These products lead to thinning of hair. They even damage the hair cuticles, making it difficult for them to hold the hair. This eventually leads to excessive hair loss. It is very essential to screen and shield our hair.

“Any person experiencing excessive oily or dry scalp, itching, irritation or brain fog should indulge in detoxification of hair. The best, permanent and organic way to safeguard and protect your hair is by detoxifying them. There are several treatment masks, conditioners, shampoo, sprays, salon treatments, oils, available in the market.” Says Dr. Arvind Poswal, founder Dr. A’s Clinic which facilitates Hair Transplantation and Consultation Services.

Hair Detoxifying is the process of withdrawing toxins and nurturing the hair. This helps in sound and lustrous hair growth. The roots of the hair are strengthened and the scalp is well nourished leading to elevation of hair quality.

The following are a few simple ways to Detox your hair, with promised results as suggested by Dr. Poswal:

1. Substitute all hair damaging products with those which are SLS andparabeans free

2. Using conditioners which are prepared at home which are chemical and preservative free

3. It is very essential to apply Bhringraj Oil on scalp and Aloe Vera on hair ends, as they are very beneficial

5. We must give up on all heat generating tools.

6. We must go for natural fixes like coconut oil, baking soda, eggs and curd

Also it is very essential to read all the ingredients before using any shampoo, conditioner, soaps etc. as it may or may not work the best for us. Thus, it is very important to be cautious before choosing a product.