To become a leader in the 21st century, India will have to adopt technology in all sectors: Arjun Ram Meghwal

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Pune, February 18, 2020: “Technology will not stop, and it will come in all sectors and it will be the work of the technocrats to take it ahead. If India wants to be a leader in the 21st century then it will have to adopt technology. Optimum utilization of technology should be our focus and it should be a part in our Research and Development and automotive sector, which is advancing in India. At the same time, technology should not disturb our geographical, economical and population systems and should work in accordance,” said Arjun Ram Meghwal, Minister of State for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, Government of Maharashtra.

He was speaking at the launch of India’s first Centre of Excellence of Green Mobility set up by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) at Chakan, Pune today. C. V. Raman – President ARAI, R. M. Petkar – Vice President ARAI, Rashmi Urdhwareshe – Director ARAI along with Senior Deputy Directors of ARAI A. A. Deshpande, N. V. Marathe and K. Srinivas were also present on the occasion.

“Considering our next generation, we have to think what we are going to leave for them. Former Indian president, Late APJ Abdul Kalam while delivering his last lecture called ‘Creating a Livable Planet Earth’ in Shillong had stressed on the fact that if the earth is our mother then why are we polluting it instead of cleaning it? The launch of Centre is a tribute to him,” Meghwal said.

About the Centre of Excellence of green mobility at ARAI Chakan, Pune.

Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), the pioneering research, testing and certifying body with more than 5 decades of service in support of the Indian automotive industry is poised for another illustrious milestone.

In keeping with the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan of Govt of India, ARAI has proudly set up India’s first and state of the art Centre of Excellence of green mobility at Chakan, pune,. The centre will provide support various comprehensive testing and development of Green Mobility solutions. The CoE is established in association with the Department of Heavy Industries (DHI) and Fame India Scheme. Efficient project management and diligent supervision ensured that the entire facility including civil construction came up in a record 18 months.

In sync with the sustainable framework of national energy and resource conservation programme, the new CoE meets the eco-friendly parameters of green buildings – incorporation of natural light and CFC free equipment, use of solar energy and other energy intensity reduction devices, water conservation through rain water harvesting and drip irrigation. This site houses several testing facilities to meet the expected rise in demand in green mobility.

E-motor Test Bed, of 30, 150 and 250 kW, catering to all vehicle types can test, verify and validate functionality, reliability and endurance along with cold start performance measurements in real operating conditions. Battery Emulators with 100 kW and 250 kW facilitate emulation of various battery chemistries and act as a battery pack for Electric vehicles while testing on chassis dynamometer.

Battery Test System can test the durability and performance of battery cells, modules and packs along with characterization and testing of super caps, nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion batteries. Whole vehicle semi-anechoic EMC chamber along with chassis dynamometer is also set-up to test & develop EMC compatibility of all categories of vehicles.Testing & development of Charging Stations catering to all types of vehicles can also be undertaken at CoE.

With the latest upgradation, virtually all electric and hybrid vehicles – in any condition – can be tested in ARAI’s accredited and advanced laboratories. Further CoE also equipped with Engine Test facilities suitable for emission certification/development testing of automotive, tractor, CEV engine – for engine power ranging from 20 kW to 500 kW.

This facility is equipped with Transient Dynamometers, ranging from 220 kW to 600 kW, along with all necessary peripheral equipment and will cater to the certification/development testing of alternate fuel engines running on biodiesel/CNG /LPG/diesel/gasoline and blends.

This Facility complies with all relevant European and Indian Regulations and can simulate altitude ambient condition from sea level to 1600 meters on engine.

It also has a proposed Test Facility for Hydrogen Fuel engine testing. The proposed hydrogen test cell will house a 350 kW transient dynamometer for development testing and certification of Hydrogen engines and can test 4 to 6-cylinder engines for passenger cars, SUVs, LCVs and HCVs. Considering the dangers of fire hazard for hydrogen, the test cell will be fitted with all necessary safety systems.

As the world battles catastrophic climate conditions, revolutionary change is in the offing. A dramatically altered future of automobiles is being written now to meet the fundamental shifts in the design and use of energy systems. ARAI is ready with the expertise and the infrastructure to usher in that change. The welcome and sustainable shift to green mobility.