To End Long Waiting Lists, Indian Railways To Run Clone Train Scheme

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New Delhi, November 3, 2020: Hundreds of special trains are arranged in the festive season despite it the passengers are facing problems due to unavailability of tickets. While there is a long waiting list for more than 300 trains, the railway administration will soon find a solution on this.

According to railway officials, the number of tickets is being analyzed to eliminate the problem of the waiting list. It is being discussed to run more trains on routes where more passengers travel. Clone trains will run so the passengers can get confirmed seats in the trains.

What is the idea of a clone train?

To understand the Clone Train Scheme in simple words, two trains of the same number depart from the same place at certain intervals and reach the destination by the same route. In such a situation, the clone train is used for the trains with more waiting lists so that the passengers with the waiting list get the confirmed seat in the second train of the same number i.e. the clone train and they can reach their destination easily.

So far, the railways have deployed more than 300 mail/express trains which are now running regularly across the country. Railways have postponed their regular service due to the Coronavirus epidemic and are operating trains according to demand and requirement.