Top 5 Interesting Pune Based Startups Of 2021

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Pune, September 2021: India is making its mark on the international platform by giving birth to not only startups but also plenty of unicorns. Plenty of states and cities are contributing to the economy by producing their set of startups and Pune is no different. Recently, Pune has been producing plenty of interesting start-ups and the list below includes five such start-ups that are remarkable.

1. Timekeepers
This start-up was founded by Mughdha Yelkar with just an investment of INR 4 lakh in November 2018 and it became officially operational this year in 2021. Timekeepers seek to provide training and development programmes to help the professionals perform better in their job. Timekeepers seek to hone the skills to ensure that the professionals understand the task provided to them clearly and on the basis that they prepare feasible and achievable task plans. In addition to that, it will also teach the professionals to set healthy boundaries and communicate effectively with other people in their professional life. Timekeepers are primarily interested in building these skills for the rural and semi-urban youth with an aim to create a better rural livelihood.

2. Repos
Just like Amazon delivers their products to the customers using courier services like Professional Couriers and Trackon, Repos following the same footsteps want to deliver fuel at the doorstep. Repos is a B2B platform founded by the husband-wife duo, Chetan Walunj and Aditi Bhosale Walunj. The startup will make fuel delivery possible with the help of AI-enabled mobile fuel stations. The startup will especially serve many multinational companies that require diesel as a fuel for the backup of the generator. Currently, most of the fuel stations in India are located on highways and as a result, the companies either require fuel tankers or jerry cans for transferring the diesel to the required site which is highly inefficient. In addition to that, the diesel procurement process is a highly unorganized sector and to solve this Repos is acting as e-commerce for fuel.

3. Elementik Technologies
Byteseal is a cybersecurity product launched by Elementik Technologies. Byteseal is a device designed to prevent identity-related cyber-attacks that include credential theft and phishing. The startup is founded by Nikhilesh Wani, a 24-year old techie. The startup is backed by the Department of Science and Technology of the Union Government. With Byteseal, the subscriber will be able to manage the important passwords in a secure but simple way. What makes the device unique is its capacitive fingerprint sensor which is considered the world’s most secure sensor along with wireless connectivity to PC and phone via Bluetooth and a battery that lasts up to three months.

4. Noccarc
What started as a solar panel cleaning robots manufacturer startup has now expanded to help the country to fight the battle against COVID-19 by manufacturing ventilators. The start-up is founded by Harshit Rathore and Nikhil Kurele. The start-up shifted its focus from the solar panel cleaning robot during COVID-19 when the startup was forced to stop its operation. When the lockdown hit and the drastic need for ventilators were felt due to its shortage, the startup started manufacturing ventilators within 90 days. What made it possible for the startup to shift its business was the efficiency that the engineering used which in addition to solar products could build other products too using the same technology. In fact, the motherboard used in the solar panel cleaning robots and solar panels are the same.

5. BatteryPool
This startup provides battery charging solutions to commercial vehicles and EV fleets. The startup aims to provide a solution to the downtime experienced by commercial and fleet electric vehicles. Even though battery swapping is possible during downtime, it has its drawbacks like it restricts fleet operation and is also highly expensive. BatteryPool has created hardware that is agnostic to the battery type and can be used irrespective of the battery standards. Recently, BatteryPool has raised an undisclosed amount from IAN and other investors in their seed round.

Even though Covid has hit many businesses hard, the Indian ecosystem has proved itself immune to it. Not only the entrepreneurs have survived the COVID-19 impact but also, have managed to make necessary changes to grow and the result for the same can be seen in the numerous unicorns that India has produced during the last and this year.