Top 5 Movies that Ispire you to Play Games

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For a long time, gambling has been a popular topic in movies. Whether it is the exciting casino setting or a story that reveals how the casino skills help them, this topic enhances any movie plot. However, remember that your actual experience in the best online casino india might not be like that in the movies. However, consider the movies solely for entertainment purposes.

Which are the top movies that evolve around casinos and gambling? In this post, we feature the best casino movies to watch as an enthusiastic player!

1. Molly’s Game

Molly had aspirations to become the best in the Olympics. However, she resigned from her dream and decided to join the underground world of poker. She played among wealthy players and once decided to leave and open her own business related to gambling. The movie is based on a real story, where Molly had to quit sports due to an injury. However, the film has lots of scenes in the underground gambling world and shows off a real poker game but without the legal regulations.

2. The Gambler

Jim is a casino player that manages to accumulate plenty of debt. Unfortunately, as the plot progresses, he will gain even more debt to the wrong people. This leaves him with dangerous actions and shows the consequences of his bad decisions. One of them is borrowing money from loan sharks, which doesn’t end well. Therefore this movie sends a strong message about responsible gambling. Although the film shows the dark side of gambling, it has exciting scenes and funny moments.

3. Wild Card

Wild Card will amaze you with its story if you are up for a great action movie. Starring Jason Statham, the film tells a story about how things can quickly turn down. He works as a bodyguard but is also into gambling. His job is a way to get money to feed his addiction. In one case, he offers help to his friend. However, this is where things go wrong. This step gets him involved in issues with the notorious mafia. It is clear that a single person can’t fight against the whole mafia, so the plot gets pretty tricky. However, the movie has many exciting scenes that revolve around gambling. In one instance, the player wins lots of money. Just as he goes to cash out his victories, he decides to stay for one more round. He will lose all of the money we won in the last round. This scene reveals how the lack of self-control can interfere with your gaming.

4. The House

Released in 2017, this movie shows a new aspect of gambling. The main story is about family love and how parents are ready to do everything for their precious ones. However, involving in illegal activities is one of the questionable methods. Will Ferrel has the role of a parent that wants to make his kid happy. He goes very far to do this, as he gets involved in illegal gambling activity. Knowing that this is forbidden, he risks a lot to fulfill his kid’s aspirations. For unlawful gambling, the player can get a fine and prison sentence. On the other hand, no one guarantees his fund will be safe.

5. 7 Days to Vegas

Duke runs classic poker games, and everything changes when a director joins the fun. He is challenged to walk from LA to Las Vegas in a stunning bet for one million. This takes betting to another level, putting the imagination to use.