Top 5 Technology Trends in India

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India follows the new technology trends and plans to implement some of them. These advanced technologies will influence people’s lifestyles and business operations.  The optical internet is becoming widely available in India. This allows people to take advantage of the maximum that modern technologies offer.

 New technologies are expected to be welcomed in 2020 as the Indian government will implement new policies. Startups and enterprises will take advantage of the latest technologies to streamline the process. This will result in boosting productivity and replacing the workforce with automation. 

What are the top technology trends that will change people’s lives and business operations in India? Let’s find out!


Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence slowly enters every aspect of our lives. Voice-based control is already implemented in smart home systems. The ultimate goal is to make out everyday life more comfortable and save precious time. We do have many tasks during the day. Now, modern technologies can have them solved for you and leave you enough free time for the things that really matter. 

The companies will recognize the importance of using modern technologies so that they will adapt their workforce. The business sector will implement changes in data analysis, as well. Decision-makers will have accurate data and better analytic systems. This allows them to source the right data at the right time. 

Digital payment system

The Government of India is introducing digital technologies to promote cashless transactions. There is a particular program that implements modern digital payment systems to make it work. This will reduce the need for physical forms of cash and make the transactions quick and straightforward. Indians can easily access their funds via their mobile device and complete payments, with the process being secure and safe. Anyone can transfer money to their account on sites like within a few minutes and enjoy the game. 

Cloud technology

Cloud technologies are increasing in popularity. Users now don’t have to worry about security. The benefits of cloud technologies are enormous. The most crucial advantage is efficiency. Companies no longer have to spend money on equipment in-house. Or, they don’t have to build a specialized IT team to handle it. The cloud can host crucial software and data, and make them accessible via internet connection. Cloud technology will decrease operational costs, which is very important for businesses.

Hyper automation

This is one of the trending technologies that made its way into India. It is made to optimize and modernize the processes, using a mix of advanced technologies. The goal is to automate the organizational process and make it more straightforward. This will boost productivity and bring higher revenue. The hyper-automation doesn’t only replace the human workforce in the working process. The advanced technologies are designed to make decisions as well. Not that only it improves productivity, but hyper-automation will bring changes to the decision making process. 

 Autonomous things

During the past years, experts worked hard to develop the primary concept of autonomous things. We saw improvement in this field recently, as self-driving vehicles and drones appeared on the market. This marks the start of independent devices, which is expected to experience rapid growth in 2020. We will see autonomous things that work individually, or even in a group. The best advantage is that they won’t depend on any human input.

Final thoughts

India accepts new technologies pretty well, so we will see them as a part of our everyday life. Startups and enterprises will also automate their processes and boost their productivity. The tech sector in India is expected to grow and make innovations more available.