Torn or soiled national flags should be handed over to administration

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Mumbai, April 25:- No one should use the plastic National flags on Maharashtra day and all the soiled, torn and spoiled flags should be gathered and handed over to the Taluka level or district level committees so as to dispose them off in a respectful way. This appeal was made by the Mumbai Suburban district magistrate office today through a press release.

The home department on 22nd April 2015 has published notification in this regard. Every year, during the Independence Day, Republic Day, Maharashtra day, national programs, important cultural programs and sport competition, people use tricolor to show their patriotism towards the nation. They use national flag made of paper or plastic and after the program is over, the soiled and torn flags are found littering on the ground, in the dust bins and around the roads. This is disrespect and an insult to the national flag. According to the flag code of India 2002, prevention of insults to national honor Act 1971, the provision for taking action against such dishonoring is provided.

The torn and spoiled national flags should be honored after using. According to the provisions of flag code of India, they should be destroyed in a respectful way. For this, Mumbai district magistrate office has constituted committee at district level and other committees at taluka level for Andheri, Borivali, and Kurla (Mulund) talukas. The soiled and torn national flag should be gathered and handed over to the Taluka level or district level committee. These rights are been given to some Non- governmental organizations (NGO’s) and other organizations. The people should handover these spoiled flags with respect to this organizations, appealed the district magistrate.