Toyota Fortuner Leads May 2024 Full-Size SUV Sales Despite Decline

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Pune, 21st June 2024: Despite a market slowdown, the Toyota Fortuner led the full-size SUV segment in sales for May 2024. This report details the performance of full-size SUVs from companies like Toyota, MG, Skoda, Volkswagen, and Jeep. The SUV segment continues to dominate vehicle sales in India, with millions of units sold monthly. The report highlights the most popular full-size SUVs and their sales figures, providing an overview of the top performers and their year-on-year growth or decline.

The SUV segment in India remains the most sought-after, with significant sales figures each month. In May 2024, Toyota’s Fortuner emerged as the top-selling full-size SUV despite a general decline in the market. This report provides an in-depth look at the sales performance of the leading full-size SUVs, listing the top five models and their respective sales figures.

Toyota Fortuner
The Toyota Fortuner continues to dominate the full-size SUV segment. Despite a slight decline, it maintained its leading position in May 2024. Exact sales figures were not disclosed in the report, but the Fortuner remains a favorite among Indian consumers for its reliability and performance.

MG Gloster
British car manufacturer MG Motors offers the Gloster in the full-size SUV segment. In May 2024, MG sold a total of 135 units of the Gloster, a significant drop from the 217 units sold in May 2023. This represents a 38% decline in sales, reflecting a challenging market for this model.

Skoda Kodiaq
Skoda’s Kodiaq secured the third spot on the list. The company sold 185 units of this SUV in May 2024, compared to 157 units sold in the same month last year. This marks an 18% year-on-year increase, showcasing the Kodiaq’s growing popularity.

Volkswagen Tiguan
German car manufacturer Volkswagen saw a decline in the sales of its Tiguan SUV. In May 2024, Volkswagen sold 102 units, a 40% decrease from the 171 units sold in May 2023. The Tiguan’s declining sales reflect the overall market challenges.

Jeep Meridian
The American SUV company Jeep offers the Meridian in this segment. Last month, Jeep sold 75 units of the Meridian, compared to 418 units in the same period last year. This drastic decline of 82% year-on-year underscores significant market challenges for Meridian.

Maharashtra’s Minister of Medical Education, Hasan Mushrif, commented on the overall market scenario: “The SUV segment faces fluctuating demand, but models like the Fortuner continue to lead due to their established reputation.”

While the full-size SUV segment faces varied sales performances, the Toyota Fortuner remains a leader, followed by other models like the MG Gloster, Skoda Kodiaq, Volkswagen Tiguan, and Jeep Meridian, each with their own market dynamics and challenges.