Traffic Chaos in Mahabaleshwar as Road Work Tests Tourists’ Patience

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Mahabaleshwar, 22nd January 2024: Visitors to the picturesque hill station of Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra found themselves caught in a traffic nightmare, courtesy of consecutive holidays and ongoing road construction in the area. The serene ambiance of Mahabaleshwar was disrupted as tourists expressed their discontent over the heavy traffic snarl on the Mahabaleshwar to Kshetra Mahabaleshwar road.


Renowned as the paradise of the state, Mahabaleshwar attracts tourists with its breathtaking natural beauty. With three consecutive days of holidays, the hill station had opened its doors to eager travelers. However, the ongoing road construction between Mahabaleshwar and Kshetra Mahabaleshwar led to a diversion of traffic through Lingamala. Unfortunately, the road via Lingamala is narrow and one-way, exacerbating the traffic situation.


The congestion on this route becomes particularly problematic when tourist cars and large vehicles traverse the narrow one-way road. Travelers reported standing in place for one to two hours, with queues of vehicles extending on both sides since the morning. Frustrated by the situation, tourists are now calling on the administration to intervene and find a viable solution to alleviate the traffic gridlock, providing much-needed relief to visitors.


The roadwork has inadvertently disrupted the otherwise tranquil experience of Mahabaleshwar, prompting concerns among tourists and locals alike. As the influx of visitors continues, finding a swift resolution to the traffic congestion becomes imperative for the seamless enjoyment of Mahabaleshwar’s natural splendor.