Traffic Congestion Grips Mumbai-Pune Expressway as Tourists Hit the Roads for Holidays

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Lonavala, 29th March 2024: As consecutive holidays surrounding Good Friday prompted a surge in tourist outings, the Mumbai-Pune Expressway witnessed significant traffic congestion on Friday. The ghat area experienced a slowdown, leading to long queues of vehicles, while authorities from Khandala and Borghat highway police departments worked diligently to alleviate the gridlock.

With the conclusion of the 10th and 12th board exams, families and tourists from Mumbai embarked on leisure trips, contributing to the increased traffic volume. The traffic disruptions were particularly notable at Khandala Ghat, where vehicles came to a standstill, causing delays and inconvenience for travelers. Prompt action from Khandala Highway Police and Borghat Highway Police was instrumental in mitigating the traffic snarls.

The congestion on the Pune-bound route resulted in a halt in Mumbai-bound traffic initially. However, authorities soon devised strategies to facilitate the movement of vehicles, allowing passage from all routes leading to Pune. As the day progressed, traffic conditions improved, especially in the ghat area, following the opening of routes towards Pune.

The surge in tourist activity has been observed in Lonavala, Pavananagar, Mahabaleshwar, and Pachgani, with an influx of vehicles heading towards these popular summer destinations. Consequently, Lonavala city also experienced traffic congestion as tourist vehicles flooded the area.

As the holiday season continues, authorities anticipate further fluctuations in traffic patterns and remain vigilant to ensure smooth movement on key roadways, especially those connecting major tourist hubs.