Tree plantation activity to fight against drought … Go Green Marathwada

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Karishmaa Care Foundation (KCF), a Pune-bsed NGO working for rural Maharashtra, planted 5000 plus trees in Beed Marathwada on 21st to 24th August to fight against the drought in Marathwada, under their campaign GO GREEN Marathwada. 3,000 litres of water storage tanks were also provided so that the villagers could use drip irrigation, in the absence of rainfall.

Prior to this on 2nd, 3rd & 4th August, 3,000 trees were planted in village Vetalwadi, where the entire village participated.

To create awareness and encourage the children to participate, new school shoes were given to them for supporting in the plantation.

This activity Go Green Marathwada was inaugurated on 5th June, World Environment Day at village Nagthala Beed Marathwada, with a target of planting 50,000 trees. KCF has achieved planting 8,000 trees to date in three villages, namely Taklisingh, Vetalwadi, Nagthala.

This noble initiative is the brainchild of  Neelam Tuteja, Founder, KCF, who, alongwith her team members Mr Abid and KCF team, and with the support of village youth, farmers, students and teachers, is dedicatedly planting trees as a mission to eradicate drought and poverty in these villages.

Says Neelam Tuteja, “I feel that the whole village should be involved in tree plantation so that they realise the importance of planting them, and not chop them, as that has been the reason of shortage of trees and drought. We gave fertilisers to the whole village of Vetalwadi Beed farmers and motivated  them to come forward to plant trees”.