Trio Tots kids engross themselves in Mud and celebrate International Mud Day

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Bengaluru, 28th June 2019: Trio Tots today celebrated the International Mud Day at its campus in Sahakar Nagar with great fun and splendor. The tiny tots of the pre-school created various models which manifest the creativity among them, on the occasion of International Mud Day. The Mud day is a day for children because they connect directly with the amazing earth beneath us. In the process, they do get dirty, messy and muddy.

International Mud Day is a day for children and early childhood professionals all over the world to celebrate nature, the glorious earth beneath our feet, and the joy of making a mess by getting really muddy. It’s a day where children, adults, and organizations across the globe get muddy to raise awareness about the importance of nature for children.

Playing in the mud inspires children to feel a connection to nature and develop an appreciation for the environment. Children love to run, jump, crawl and even cartwheel. This type of exercise teaches children it’s fun to stay active. Many children today have limited opportunities to play outdoors and it is difficult to care about the environment if you have not had the chance to spend time in nature.

Mr. Naveen K M, Managing Director, Trio Tots said, “International Mud Day as a way to connect and celebrate the natural joys of playing in the mud! It was a truly invigorating experience as the children experienced the most magical way of celebrating the student’s life with mother earth. The purpose behind this was to bring the students closer to nature and learn to enjoy the incredible things of nature, that we are blessed with”.

International Mud Day started in 2008 in Nepal and Australia. Today it is celebrated by thousands of children in dozens of countries worldwide as a chance to celebrate nature and the great outdoors by getting muddy. International Mud Day continues to draw together people and the outdoors.