Trust Hospital is for all says Association of Hospitals

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Mumbai, 5th July 2016: Association of Hospitals (AOH) is one of the oldest and trusted associations in healthcare of Mumbai. The member hospital of AOH have set up an Indigent Patient Fund where The Trust Hospital annually set aside at least 2% of their annual turnover as they are not receiving any grants or any exemption from government.

Through the Indigent Patient Fund we help in availing assistance to the lower section of the society by providing treatment in The Trust Hospital at free or negligible cost. Additionally The Trust Hospital also provides concessions to other penurious patients. These facilities are provided only to the genuinely needy people who are unable to pay for minor or major treatments for a healthy living. In certain cases AOH member hospitals have invested more than its capacity to provide best healthcare services to the patients from the weaker section of the society.

“Medical expenses are witnessing a steep rise in today’s age. It is very difficult for a common man to manage the expenses for sudden medical emergencies. With trust hospitals in the scenario all sections of society are able to receive the same medical services.  We cater to weaker section of the society and treat them either free or with concessional cost.  The member hospitals of AOH are giving & will continue to give the best medical treatments to improve the overall healthcare sector of India.” said Dr. P.M. Bhujang – President, Association of Hospitals.