TTA hosts its prestigious Fashion Show and Interior Exhibition

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Pune, February 2020: Times & Trends Academy, Indian’s leading vocational education institute aims at providing the best qualitative learning with the right platform for the students to explore their choice of career. With a tough competition in every field and saturation of opportunities, choosing an unconventional career path is rather safe, but even today there are a lot of apprehensions about it. In order to showcase the world what being offbeat means and instilling confidence among the students, Interior Design Exhibition- Life in Pune 2020 and Beyond and Fashion Show- Artha 2020 was organised.

The day kickstarted with the hustle and bustle of TTA students in setting up their stalls with furniture and artefacts. All the students worked on a concept, sourced raw materials, worked around budgeting, created the finished project and finally marketed them well for the visitors. It was a comprehensive learning experience. Mr Prashant Deshmukh, Principal Architect of Prashant Deshmukh & Associates was the Chief Guest of the Exhibition and he interacted with each and everyone around the 5 themes displayed by the students like Pune Smart City, Futuristic, Pune Metro, Sustainability and Restoration. He took an individual interest in each and every designer’s idea and implementation. His guru mantra for all the students was to think simple and derive simpler solutions to every issue.

The evening saw a gala of guests arriving at the venue for the Annual Fashion Show- Artha 2020. It commenced with the arrival of the Chief Guest- Mr Chandrakant Sonawane, Bollywood Lead Designer (Housefull 4, PM Narendra Modi, Padmaavat, Bajirao Mastani) and Chief Mentor of TTA. He shared his idea of fashion as being an idea of your expressing your own individuality and said he would love to work on futuristic designs that would not harm the environment in the long run. Other big names included Mrs Saraswati Shendge, Dy Mayor of Pune, Mrs Swardha Bapat, Vice President BJP Youth Wing, Mrs Chaitalee Patil, Mrs India Empress of the Nation (2019), Influences, Mr Jamil Chohan, General Manager- Project Della Villas, Style Influencers Devanshi Gupta and Pranjal Salecha and many others. Artha 2020 enthralled the audience with designs of 150+ designers revolving around 10 themes showcased on the runway.

A day where people experienced interiors in the most contemporary manner and an evening full of bling, TTA yet again marked the union of passionate minds. Mr Amit Agrawal, Founder and Chairman of TTA said, “TTA has a strong foundation of oneness, dedication and determination and this is why mammoth tasks to are implemented in a smooth way. Both the events are student-centric and it is absolutely a celebration of their special talents.”