Two lethal warships being built in Russia for the Indian Navy, when will they be included in the fleet?

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New Delhi, 7th April 2024: Construction of two lethal warships is underway in Russia for the Indian Navy, with the possibility of commissioning later this year. These two warships, which will be commissioned, include INS Tushil and INS Tamal. Officials have stated that the work on the warships is progressing smoothly and the first warship has already been launched for sea trials. A new turn is about to come in the relations between India and Russia, which will further strengthen the ties between the two countries. This information has been provided by the news agency ANI. ANI reported, citing officials, that a team from the Indian Navy, including the Director of Materiel, recently visited Russia. They further stated that the team also visited the shipyard in Russia where both warships are being constructed. Officials mentioned that the progress of the warships is on track and the first warship has already been launched for sea trials. They mentioned that due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, there is a delay in the delivery of both warships.

However, it is expected that both Indian Navy warships will be commissioned by the end of this year. The official also stated that work on two other warships being built with Russian support at Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL) in India is also progressing well.